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12/18/17: More US/UM Updates

I've made a bunch more US/UM updates: the Pokémon List Generator, evolution list, Interactive Type Chart, Gen VI/VII Capture Mechanics, Gen VI/VII Catch Rate Calculator, Hangman and Number Game now all include US/UM information in whatever way is relevant to them, except I've gotten a report from someone that a Nest Ball capture that should have been guaranteed failed, and I've yet to get the chance to properly look into that, exactly how the Roto Catch power works, or whether there might have been any other ball bonus changes - consider that a heads up. (I did, however, add the change that's ensured Heavy Ball Beldum are now legal.)

Additionally, the guestbook's spam verification Pokémon now include all seven generations and use the Gen VII unified sprite set that I put together for the Favorite Pokémon Picker.

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246 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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