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11/30/03: I'm feeling Anti-anti-Pokémony...

OK... I joined the Suta-raito topsites, made a special section with why Pokémon isn't animal cruelty in detailed logic, a debating guide, fixed a few things around the site and want to thank everyone who sent error reports. Then Sarah the Swinub sent a fanfic. Also, two new counters in the Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section and I added to the counter to the Houndoom thing. And a section called "The Jackhammer of Logic" which contains anti-Pokémon reason pages I've smashed up. Then, I got ANOTHER guestbook, which has not only banning but also CENSORING!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!

I also changed the almighty random poll, and made an almighty random poll archieve where you can vote in those you missed and view the results.

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