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Anti-Pokémon smashing

I've smashed up some anti-Pokémon websites' arguments, so I just thought I could put them on public display.

The first one is The Net Nomad's Anti-Pokémon website. He's logical (actually the first taste I ever got of logical Pokémon haters), and can debate. Well... used to. When I posted this at his forums, he refused to read it no matter what, came with AAP stereotypes saying I was probably just trying to destroy his site or whatever. It's a shame, he used to be a pretty smart guy. Anyway, here's the smashing of his reasons page (although I modified it just a bit from when I posted it at his forums, took out a pointless sentence and added more detail to a few things). In case you were wondering, yes, a lot of the reasons on my Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section are from his site. Note: Mewtwofan smashed up his page before, but I'm not stealing from her, my counters are often different and more detailed.

The Pokemon video game first appeared about two years ago on the Nintendo gameboy system, and has spread up to the N64. The game centers around constant fighting,

Correction: Strategy, in very similar ways as chess.

with a few RPG (role-playing game) elements. In fact, it involves trainers, a selected battle place, and small animals (or animal-wannabes in this case)

Ahem? "Animal wannabes"? Pokémon are a thousand times stronger (and smarter) than any animals, anyday. And my definition of animals reaches humans. The proof? Why would Pokémon fight for a creature they could tear apart very easily? It's not that they're just that stupid. If they were, they wouldn't understand human speech, they wouldn't be able to make themselves understandable to their trainers when they want to, they wouldn't know a lot of battle strategy themselves. Watching a few episodes of the show makes it clear that Pokémon can indeed understand human speech, make themselves understandable to their trainers and know some battle strategy themselves. And since they are indeed intelligent enough to think, they would obivously not just fight mindlessly for humans without a purpose. They know that they wouldn't be any better off if they killed all humans; humans help them to be strong, which is a Pokémon's goal in life. So as long as they have a trainer who treats them well, they think, "Why not? It helps me become strong, and will be of protection for the human." This shows clearly that Pokémon are very intelligent and can think logically, and with their elemental powers added, Pokémon could take over the world as easily as drinking water. So don't call them "wannabes".

fighting each other for their trainer's glory. All of this leads me to believe that Pokemon is no different from cockfighting, which was very illegal the last time I checked!

They fight each other so that they can become strong, as I explained above. Pokémon fight of their own will, and if they don't want to the don't need to give a hell about what their trainers tell them to do. The proof? Any episode where Charmeleon/Charizard disobeys Ash. Do you see Ash being in any way able to force Charmeleon/Charizard to fight? No, he's completely helpless against his Pokémon, and his Pokémon know it and use it.

Lately, more and more Pokemon games and accesories have been put out by Nintendo. They've even put out an N64 system decorated with Pikachu's face. Meanwhile, the other people, the real Nintendo fans that haven't been won over by Pokemon,

So, you're saying ALL real Nintendo fans need to hate Pokémon? What do you think you know about ALL real Nintendo fans? There's a lot of Pokémon-loving Nintendo fanatics. So stop this stereotyping...

have grown tired of always seeing Pokemon crap on the shelves instead of the stuff Nintendo is famous for. A few of them even started a petition aimed at Nintendo. Click here and sign it.

So, are you saying that if someone doesn't like one game made by Nintendo, you want them to make a petion about stopping that game? YOU don't like Pokémon, we do, it's as simple as that. The Nintendo workers maybe like Pokémon. You can't know.

Based on the game, the TV show appears on the WB six days a week. It is an "anime" show, a type of Japanese show that features stuttered animation, barely any plot, and strobe lights that are known to trigger seizures.

I'm no big fan of the Pokémon anim myself, but others are and what I find you need more than anything else is RESPECT for other people's OPINIONS. It's hard to make a 300-episode plot about a game that's 90% strategy and only 10% plot.

Several times I have watched Pokemon, and it never failed to disgust me.

Disgust YOU. To respect for other people's opinions again...

The card game: The biggest waste of money I've ever seen. The object of the game is to beat the other players by possessing more valuable and "powerful" cards. These cards, as you can imagine, are very rare, and these kids, unaware of how much money they are using up, are buying pack after pack after pack hoping to get them. Think of it this way: they could be buying REALLY useful things with their money instead of wasting $3 per pack on cards they already have!

I actually agree with you and I've never collected trading cards of any kind, so I'm not debating with you about that. At least, I consider it a big waste of money too since just about no one who collects the cards knows the rules of the card game and has them for no other purpose than trading them with others.

Pokemon: The First Movie was released in late 1999. It stars the same characters as the TV show and is just as hair-raising, from what I've seen of the previews. It must really be a picnic for the kids' parents to sit through a movie filled with fighting, crappy animation, and strobe lights. And I heard it got less than a one-star rating. Pathetic.

It's because the dubbers made it bad. They removed all the beautiful morals the Japanese version was stuffed with. They removed the concept of Mewtwo being created and abused for nothing but money and Giovanni's greed. They removed the concept of the clones fighting to give their lives a purpose. The Japanese version of this movie was some of the deepest stuff you'll ever see. Probably every single Pokémon fan out there hates the dubbers for doing this to Mewtwo Strikes Back. Blame them, not Pokémon.

A year later, in the summer of 2000, Pokemon: The Movie 2000 was released. This movie was even worse than the first. Especially because of the statement on the commercial: "Nothing is stronger than the power of one."

That's the work of the dubbers too. The movie is really more about cooperation and how some "Chosen one" can't make it without help. Look at the movie and how Ash, Misty, Lugia, Melody, the Pokémon, even Team Rocket, all help each other to stop the destruction of the world. Look at how Lugia, the powerful bringer of peace, can't save the world alone either. Again, blame the dubbers.

Pikachu is the Pokemon mascot. He's cute, isn't he? Well, the eyes, the little cheek spots... he seems just a little too cute.
Lots and lots of Pokemon fans ask me, "why do you hate something that's so cute?" The answer is simple: because cute has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Cats kill little birds too, they're still cute. My cat is really cute, but that doesn't stop him leaving dead mice around the house in hope to make us appreciate it. Pikachu is based on a cute animal, then they make Pikachu cute.

He uses electricity to fight, hurt, and "faint" his enemies. Namely, the other Pokemon. He even has a move called the "Thundershock." Does this look like the face of a murderer to you?

What, do you think you could look at the people on the street and point at some person and say "This is a murderer"? Does a cat's face look like the face of a murderer to you? It's all the same. Besides, Pokémon don't kill each other in battle, they do kill for prey, but since Pikachu is a mouse and not a carnivore, a Pikachu won't kill anyone.

Of course not. This is simply a cover-up.

Did nature decide to use the fact how cute cats are as a "cover-up"? No, cats simply are cute, but they still kill for prey. And Pikachu doesn't even kill.

As it is with all the 150 other Pokémon.

EXCUSE ME??? First off, you need some serious updating, there are 386 Pokémon, but that's beside the point. Are you calling ALL Pokémon cute? Are you saying Scyther is cute?


"Cute"? Do you call a giant mantis with scythes for arms "cute"? When it comes to Pokémon that truly kill and are dangerous, they show it. There are vicious-looking Pokémon, and they're there for all the people who don't like cute animals and prefer dangerous ones. Well, some people are strange and do find sharp objects very appealing and to them Scyther can be cute in a certain understanding, but that's a whole different thing from the "cute little furry creature" cute you are obviously talking about. Scyther looks dangerous. I'm sure that if you scrolled through all 386 Pokémon and checked them out, you'd find some you like. At least some you like deep inside, even if you won't admit it to yourself. Pokémon are many and different enough to make that pretty clear.

See, if Pikachu and some of the others weren't cute, Nintendo and the other companies would have parents complaining left and right.

If a parent doesn't know that Pikachu can electrocute people, if a parent doesn't know that there are also vicious-looking Pokémon like Scyther that would gladly chop your head off if you mess with them, then that parent is a very bad one who needs to listen more to their kids and watch what they're doing and playing with.

Oh, but he's so cute! And that gives him an excuse to electrocute everyone else, right?

No, it doesn't. Pikachu is based on a cute animal, then Pikachu is a cute Pokémon.

Besides, Pikachu, in Japanese, means "electric rat."

That's "Sparklesqueak", thank you very much. Exact translation.

Why are so many people addicted to an electric rat? It's senseless!

They're not addicted to an electric "rat", they're addicted to strategy. The idea of little monsters that can control the elements. They're addicted to fantasy.

And Ash Ketchum, the main character of Pokemon, is just as bad. His last name alone reinforces the Pokemon motto, "Gotta catch 'em all!"

The dubbers made up that corny "Gotta catch 'em all" motto. The dubbers made that stupid last name. It's their marketing, their hopes to make money. It has nothing to do with Pokémon whatsoever.

He is Pikachu's trainer, and he acts like he's going to become one of those "Pokemon masters." Really? Can Pikachu kill everybody for you, Ash? Not likely.

Once again, Pikachu doesn't kill anyone. And by making him not win and become a Pokémon master, they're being original, finally making a main character who loses. Badly.

Pikachu's picture has been put on a Japanese jet.

I doubt anyone would not find that stupid.

The trend's products use their own batteries, called N Batteries. Such products can just as well run on AAs.

And are N batteries not used for anything else? Uh, what products are you talking about, anyway?

I have seen articles where people kill each other over valuable Pokemon cards. I'm not joking. And these deaths were on purpose (not like the ones described on

That has nothing to do with Pokémon whatsoever, it could as well have been some other trading cards. So this is not Anti-Pokémon, it's Anti-trading cards.

Pokemon has spread up to toys, clothes, and even a Monopoly game just for them! Let me tell you right now, Monopoly and Pokemon don't mix. You can't learn to buy and sell property and make trades while you fiddle with your little "monsters."

Can't you? Pokémon is involved in the game to make kids more interested in it, it gets more kids to play and therefore more kids to learn to buy and sell property and make trades. And don't say Pokémon prevents you from learning. Pokémon has taught me a whole lot of things. An awful lot of math... debating skills... English... strategy... foreseeing my oppoment's moves...

It's all Nintendo Power Magazine ever talks about anymore. That's why I quit my subscription.

They talk about it because that's what they want to talk about and figure is what will satisfy the most people.

Pokemon greed has been responsible for many burglaries at stores that sell Pokemon cards.

If kids steal Pokémon cards from stores, it means there's already something wrong, already something that makes them not being able to control their longing for more Pokémon cards. Otherwise all kids who like Pokémon would steal Pokémon cards from stores.

Pokemon was intended for no one over 10 (I've seen evidence),

What evidence are you talking about? How about showing the evidence instead of just talking about it? And if it was intended for no one over 10, why did they make Pokémon Colosseum, with a 17-year-old boy as the main character? And he's even a thief, mind you, though his goal is only to steal Pokémon that are being controlled by a dark force and owned by abusive trainers, and by training them with trust and friendship removing the dark force? Definetly aimed at a more mature audience than 10.

and yet too many teenagers, and yes, even adults, are following like zombies behind this madness. It's ridiculous!

They're not following it like zombies, they simply like it and you can't say it's madness to like it. Again, you need respect for people's opinions.

They made Pokemon an ice cream bar. It sells on the ice cream trucks for at least $1.25. And this is in the suburbs!

Uh, and does that affect the quality of the ice cream? Who cares if it's got Pokémon on it, if people like it they'll buy it.

And about the Pokémon food products, food producers use all crazes to try to sell some more. It's not going any farther than anything else, it's normal for crazes.

Possibly the worst part of Pokemon is it's slogan, "Gotta catch 'em all!" It is sung at the end of every episode of Pokemon and is printed on nearly every Pokemon product in stores.

Dubbers, dubbers... all Pokémon fans hate the dubbers for coming with all this stupidity and making it stick to your head every time you think of Pokémon.

The Pokemon slogan reinforces the need to buy, buy, buy! As put on that news article on my links page, the Pokemon motto "fuels the craving for more cards, games, toys, gadgets, and comic books. There's no end to the supply..."

Riiiight... I don't feel any need to buy trading cards even when I have "Gotta catch 'em all" before my eyes all day in the form of my Sapphire box that has been on my computer desk for some reason since I bought it. I don't assume you feel any need to buy Pokémon products when you hear "Gotta catch 'em all" either. People who do feel a need to buy Pokémon products when "Gotta catch 'em all is shoved in their faces are very weak-minded, especially since "Gotta catch 'em all" refers to filling up your pokdex and catching all the Pokémon...

Besides being grammatically incorrect, the Pokemon slogan gets kids to buy more and more, like I have already said. But there is more to it. See, no one can get everything; it just doesn't happen. Somewhere along the line, the player will make mistakes. Hey, it's only human. Everyone makes mistakes, so it's downright impossible to catch them all. Some people have told me that "Professor Oak" or the "Pokedex" say I'm wrong. That it is possible. Maybe in the game, but it doesn't make any sense anywhere else.

"Gotta catch 'em all" doesn't refer to anything else than the game, anyway. And I've caught them all on two of my games, mind you. Both Yellow and Gold. Not because of "Gotta catch 'em all", it's because it feels nice to have a goal and complete it, and the goal of catching all the Pokémon is just an optional goal you can face when you've beaten the Elite four, adding to the game's playability.

Does Nintendo think of that? Wizards of the Coast, Creatures, Gamefreak. Do they think of that? No. As long as pokefans think they can get everything (as they so conveniently tell us over and over), they'll keep buying more and more. That's their secret. See? By getting to the root of the problem, you can figure out what to do about it. Like I said, try to keep the audience away.

I told you, "Gotta catch 'em all" doesn't refer to stickers, voice-activated Pokémon, action figures, games... it refers to the monsters on your game. And if someone thinks they can buy EVERY SINGLE Pokémon PRODUCT, they need to see a doctor because there's something not right about them in general.

Don't get me wrong about Nintendo, though. They have put out some excellent games, systems, and gadgets over the past 10 or so years. Pokemon, the RPG-wannabe that features constant fighting and "catching them all," is the only stain on Nintendo's lineup.

That's your opinion and you have no right to shove it in my face or anyone else's. I don't shove mine in your face.

It's 11:30 AM and you're heading down to the high school cafeteria with everybody else. Then, you see someone sitting against a wall, furiously tapping on a gameboy. Take a closer look, and you'll see that it's Pokemon the guy's playing. I've seen it happen. Have you?

Actually not.

Pokemon was intended for kids from ages 6-10. I've seen proof.

I've not seen it, could you kindly point it out to me?

And yet, too many teenagers and adults are following behind this trend. I do play gameboy every once in a while, even at school, but I've never laid a finger on a Pokemon product of any kind. (Okay, that's not true. Once my Mom caught me using some stuffed Pikachus as punching bags in the mall. But that's another story. :-}) My point is that the Pokemon trend knows its audience, and any teenager who plays Pokemon:
Is often unaccepted by his/her peers,

Yeah, why? Because Pokémon haters, like you, are everywhere around them and can't have proper respect for people who might like things they don't like.

Finds him/herself playing with little kids because they're the only other ones who'll play it with them,

No. They go on the internet and feel freedom at last at a Pokémon forum, where people share this one interest in common and can discuss it in peace. I generally feel better online talking to Pokémon fans than at school. Why is that? Because I have ONE friend in my class at school. No, not because I like Pokémon. I've never had more friends than just this one and another one who's sadly not in my class anymore. I'm an outcast, I'm the "smart kid" who is automatically thrown out with a "You're not one of us" look. My only friend is the other "smart kid" in my class. And these are exactly the people who often find themselves sitting alone by the computer all day. Having an interest like Pokémon gives them a haven in a Pokémon message board, where they can talk to people who also like it, have friends, be popular in this little community where the smart people are looked up to. Try to understand that I used to be a very sad little kid, always sitting alone in the corner with only two friends, and that was while I was in class with really nice people. Now that I'm in this nightmare of a class, I can't imagine what life would be like if I didn't always know that when I'm finally home, I'll be able to talk to my online friends and feel simply a lot better than when I'm constantly afraid of getting mocked. For short, it's thanks to Pokémon that I'm not just sitting there and having nothing to do.

Is sending a message to everyone around him/her that they are immature, by playing with tiny, fighting monsters bent on beating up their own kind.

If they can't argue properly against people who call Pokémon "tiny, fighting monsters bent on beating up their own kind", they probably are immature. Besides, most people keep their love for Pokémon secret simply because they know what everyone who looks at them will think. But it's not easy, and you don't know how much I need to fight back the longing to walk up to the next person who uses Pokémon as an example of something childish and hold a long speech about how I actually like it and don't care if they don't because I'll be able to debate them all the way to hell if I want to.

Is there any hope for people like this? Will their Pokemon insanity ever get cured? Only time will tell.

And you say you have nothing against Pokémon fans. You are calling Pokémon a disease. You are calling people who like Pokémon sick. You are talking about Pokémon as something that needs to be cured. It's a game, try to understand it, and some people like it even if you don't.

Once I received an email flame (not really a flame, at least this guy was talking normally). It mentioned that Pokemon had a moral: "Don't fight, fighting is bad."

Liar. I saw it myself in your hatemail section. He said the moral of the FIRST MOVIE was "Don't fight, fighting is bad". Which is again not all the truth because it really is "Fighting doesn't solve all your problems". The clones mean to give their lives a purpose by beating the originals, but it doesn't give their lives anything. That's the moral of the movie, aside from, of course, "It doesn't matter how or where you were born, it's what you do with the life that's given to you".

I have never heard such a lie in years. That's the absolute opposite of Pokemon's moral, "fighting solves everything!"

What does fighting solve in Pokémon? Tell me one case where fighting "solved" something.

That's like saying "don't shoot" is the moral of Doom! (No offense to Doom. And Doom is reasonably okay considering that it's not geared to the kiddie crowd like Pokemon is!) Sure, kids. Go ahead. Fight your brains out. Solve all your problems by kicking the crap out of anyone who dares to have a different opinion,

It seems to me like that's more like the moral of your site, since you're flagging your opinions everywhere as holy, but Pokémon doesn't encourage PEOPLE fighting. It will actually make kids, instead of attacking each other, say "bring your link cable and best Pokémon tomorrow and we'll have a Pokémon battle". Pokémon doesn't encourage physical fighting between people, people in the Pokémon world let their Pokémon fight instead, and their Pokémon like fighting so it just makes them happy. Better yet, it takes very little time to heal a Pokémon after a Pokémon battle.

or who has the nerve to declare you, oh master of the universe, wrong. I know you all think that there's no one else in the world but you, but wake up!

Oh yeah? You're really ticking me off with this. YOU talk like everyone has to agree with you, YOU say "People who like Pokémon are SICK, their Pokémon insanity needs to be CURED!". I personally am an extremely peace-loving person, and while I love fictional violence, I'm against all war and fighting. Actually even more so after I started liking Pokémon and saw all those terrible flamers in AP guestbooks, both Pokémon fans and Pokémon haters. I despise flaming and insulting, and I CERTAINLY know there's someone else in the world. Sorry I can't find a better and less insulting way to word it, but you stereotype disgustingly much. I don't say this to insult you, I say this to comment on the way in which you write your site.

Wait, there's more! As if one bad moral wasn't enough, the game also teaches another: "winning is everything." Even though most trainers claim that they play Pokemon "to have the Pokemon grow stronger and gain experience," that's not really why they play it.

No, I do it because I love strategy, learning, getting better, and feeling that I've achieved something.

One reason is the sense of power, below. But the other is simply to win. Look at Ash, the role model for most Pokemon players. He always plays to win.

Then why does he always stop battling if his Pokémon are getting really hurt? Why does he not evolve his Pokémon, since then they'll be stronger and have an easier time winning? Lies, pure lies.

And never to do anything else. Just check out the backs of some Kellogg's cereal boxes for an example. There he is, with Pikachu and some other Pokemon (whose name escapes me) sitting on his shoulders, and he's saying "I always play to win!!"

I don't know why Kellogg's made him say that, but that's their problem. It's very far from what Ash really does.

The second thing Pokefans will tell me is that "So you're playing to win. Why shouldn't you strive to win? It's a good goal." These fans miss the point entirely. Of course its a good goal. But it's not the only one out there. Every Pokefan's goal must be to win.

No, mine is to learn and get better (I'm bad at it, you see).

You shouldn't be content with second place. You shouldn't be content with what you have. Or so Professor Oak implies at the start of the game.

How does he imply that? He says that we will never know everything about Pokémon, but he's trying to know as much as he can. Not at all "We shouldn't be satisfied with what we have". Besides, if we were always satisfied with what we have, we'd still live in caves. Or wait, we'd be extinct, since no one would have felt the need for using weapons to hunt.

Of course, with all these bad points about Pokemon,

Which I just disproved.

you may start to wonder: why do kids, and sometimes teens, play Pokemon anyway?

Because they like the game, that's why! Because they have different opinions! It's YOU who can't accept the fact that other people have different opinions!

It never really occured to me until recently (and I have no idea why) that the reason they play Pokemon is for the sense of power the game gives them. Think about it. These kids can place themselves, temporarily at least, inside a world where the creatures can be caught, trained and commanded by the kid (see also: animal cruelty, below).

Which I actually already disproved, but I'll still do it again when it comes to that.

Also, the prospect of becoming the greatest Pokemon master of them all can sometimes blind a kid from recognizing that this is not what they should want to accomplish from a game. Maybe if they were fighting for a good cause, they would have reasonable grounds to do it. But for the Pokemon trainers, there is rarely ever such cause.

They're having Pokémon battles to let their Pokémon be strong, which is exactly what the Pokémon want.

Here's one for all you animal lovers out there. In the Pokemon game, wild Pokemon are "captured" in Pokeballs and trained to fight. Here's the first problem on the topic. They were doing just fine in the wild. So why do they have to be caught?

Humans need them for their protection (as wild Pokémon can be dangerous), and humans can help Pokémon to become strong, like they've always wished for.

The answer: because their so-called trainers want them for their own reasons. A lot of Pokefans have claimed that the Pokemon "like the fighting." Or, "it's just the Pokemon's nature." It can't be the Pokemon's nature; they weren't fighting in the wild.

They were fighting in the wild, otherwise they wouldn't evolve in the wild.

And evolution just cannot wind up in a species that likes to fight. It just doesn't happen. Even animals who fight in the real world don't like it; it's for survival. Do Pokemon fight because their lives are on the line? Nope. They fight for their trainer's glory. And nothing else.

TELL ME ONE THING NET NOMAD. IF YOU WERE A GIANT FIRE-BREATHING DRAGON AND A TEN-YEAR-OLD KID WAS MAKING YOU FIGHT FOR HIS OWN GLORY, WOULD YOU FIGHT? NO. I put this in all caps to make sure you notice it properly, not because I want to yell at you. So, if they can refuse to fight any time they want, they must be fighting because they want to. Pokémon fight because they know that having a trainer who has already shown that he/she is better at battling than them by managing to capture them is the quickest way to become strong. That's why more badges will make more Pokémon obey you; that means you have shown a certain amount of power, so any Pokémon less powerful than that want to let you teach them what you know.

Once I learned that the Pokemon, not the trainer, get put in the "hall of fame" in the gameboy game. But that's not because they're the greatest. They are only the best fighters. Who gets the badges, the bulk of the praise, and the sense of power? The trainer. Of course, no Pokemon would be concerned with some badge.

No, exactly. Pokémon think differently, knowing that they are strong, that they are powerful, is the only thing they care about once they're champions. The trainer can own those trophies and stuff, it would only get in the Pokémon's way.

Sometimes I respect the fact that animals... or creatures... without sentinence (which means "thinking" species like us),

I already told you, Pokémon are very well thinking and they know exactly what they're doing in this whole thing, both sides benefit.

generally have better causes for fighting. There's always a reason why animals fight when they do. The Pokemon trainers, on the other hand, with their sentinence, generally want the sense of power they recieve from winning Pokemon battles. Besides, using small creatures to fight your battles for you doesn't mean you're the best... it means they're the best.

It's you who trained them and made them strong, it's you who guided them through the battle. They're still the best Pokémon, but you're the best trainer. The Pokémon are satisfied with the credit they already get, and the trainer does deserve something.

I just saw the commercial for Pokemon: the movie, 2000. At the end, there was a statement: "Nothing is stronger than the power of one."

I already explained that that's just the dub, the movie actually shows how important teamwork is. I don't know what the dubbers were thinking.

Sure, sometimes one person can rise to fame. But they shouldn't drill it into your head like it's something that should happen all the time. Ever heard the saying, "There's no I in team?" Well, this doesn't exist in the Pokemon world. Sure, there are "teams" in the Pokemon world. Take those Team Rocket guys. And Ash and his friends, if you could call them a team. But when it comes down to it, every Pokemon trainer wants to be the best. What if one of those teams actually went to the top? Fights would break out between the team members. "I did more than you!" "No, you didn't!" There is no equality in constant fighting. And there is no "talking it out" in the Pokemon world.

There is no "if you don't like them, hit them" in the Pokémon world either. And by the way, yes, there is "talking it out" in the Pokémon world. Pokémon battles are a sport, not what people use to solve all of their arguments.

What if the real world were like that? Every conflict would be solved by Pokemon battles, nevermind who was truly "right." No one could concentrate without worrying about their Pokemon. Is this how you want the world?

Yes, I would in fact want the world like the Pokémon world. It's just a fact, in the Pokémon world, humans are the weakest creatures, maybe aside from Magikarp or something, so their survival depends on the bond between them and their Pokémon. This automatically causes kids to be brought up constantly being reminded of the importance of friendship, trust and respect for others, which also automatically makes the Pokémon world more peaceful. Pretty much no fighting apart from between Pokémon, who like fighting anyway (remember, if there's a situation where the Pokémon doesn't want to fight, it won't fight). It's an utopia.

There are a number of things you can do to help people realize the truth.

Again, you act like everything you say is holy truth and people need to "realize" that you're always right.

If you know HTML, make an Anti-Pokemon page. If you don't, use That's how I made my first site.

Let me fix that. "If you know HTML, and know why you hate Pokémon and are ready to put it forward without flaming because it won't help anyone, make an Anti-Pokémon page." An Anti-Pokémon page that's simply a sick collection of swear words towards Pokémon fans will simply make the next passing Pokémon fan think "Wow, imagine if I hated Pokémon, then I might be like that!"

Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy any Pokemon-related products (except Super Smash Brothers, that's a really cool game. But please agree to beat the crap out of Pikachu and Jigglypuff every time you play).

I doubt you need to write it there to prevent Pokémon haters from buying Pokémon-related products, they already don't. What they get profit out of is Pokémon fans, not Pokémon haters.

Spread this message to Pokemon lovers. There is hope!

There you go again with this "I'm-the-messiah-and-because-I-don't-like-Pokémon-it's-unholy-and-needs-to-be-destroyed" thing...

Keep the audience away. If you have a younger sibling, keep them away from Pokemon. If we take away their audience, they'll have to think up something else.

Give it up already. If someone's younger sibling likes Pokémon, trying to convince them that it's evil will just make them snappy and constantly in some kind of defense. Or wait, that's what you want, more reasons to hate Pokémon, kids get corrupt by liking it...

Yes, I know you're not going to reply to this, Net Nomad, but I'm going to continue anyway. Why? Because it's so fun to shatter your "reasons" page, even if you won't reply to it. I just hope there's at least someone else here to reply to it. I was very surprised, actually, that you even bothered to check what was going on here.

I don't consider what you have done "reasons", they're just things (that I personally find weird) that you decided to do in some desperate hopes to kill Pokémon off (but failed miserably, as can be seen by the sales of Pokémon games). So I'll skip that...

With all this talk about how bad Pokemon is, what it has done, and what it can do, you might think the trend is at its peak. But there is good news. In fact, how about the best possible news? Pokemon is going down!

Yup, the trend has finally stopped, shoving all the "trend" fans away and leaving only the true fans who actually did like Pokémon and not only because everyone else did. Hooray for that. However, you fail to realize that the true fans are far more than you thought and Pokémon is about as dead as you are yourself.

Yes, it's going down. Just look at these facts:
Many Pokemon fan pages haven't been updated in months.

Many people don't have time to update their websites. Plus, of course, everyone who was never a true fan and just liked it because it was popular. It's good to get rid of them, really, now we don't have any "fake" Pokémon fans and the sales you see are people who buy the games because they want to.

Remember all those food items, the movies, and the board games? That's actually a good sign! See, you couldn't see any of those at the peak. But now, they need to reinforce... while they think of something else!

Uhhh... right... no comment...

The Blockbuster in my local shopping center had EVERY copy of the movie in stock. It was that bad!

And the shop Mewtwofan works in gets more profit off the Pokémon movies than the current trend, Yu-Gi-Oh, because Pokémon is coming back and the old fans who tried to forget it because they preferred being popular were tempted by Ruby and Sapphire.

The Pokemon cereal says, "limited edition." Guess why?

It's just good that they got rid of it off the cereal packs, that labelled it as childish...

I've heard it on several websites.
I heard it on TV! Recently I overheard something about Pokemon being replaced.
Heard about those "Neo Genesis" cards? It's a fact that when they release so many versions of an original, it's in its later stages of falling.

Pokémon is not a fad anymore, but there's still an awful lot of true fans out there who didn't stop liking it.

See? There IS hope! Soon Pokemon will be gone forever, and we can start putting kids' brains back in place! Just keep your fingers crossed!

Keep dreaming, Net Nomad. Sure, pretty much no kids like it anymore, but the now teenagers who truly liked it won't stop liking it, ever. Pokémon will never be gone forever, and least of all soon after you wrote that page, since you still believed Pokémon were 150 when you did (apparently hadn't even figured that Mew was number 151).

Here's another website, which has the extremely original title "The Anti-Pokémon Site". It's not bad, tells people not to flame and stuff, BUT, it seems like the webmaster went to Net Nomad's site and got very influenced by it. Here's his reasons, very short and easy to counter.

10: Pokemon cock-fight

I won't even bother countering this again... read the above.

9: Too much stupid merchandise

...which Pokémon fans also find stupid.

8: Too much killing with Pokemon cards involved

Because there was something wrong with the kids already. Normal Pokémon fans don't go and kill people to get Pokémon cards.

7: Pokemon brainwashes kids

How? People who like Pokémon do see other things in life. Maybe you didn't while you were a Pokémon fan, but I do.

6: Nintendo stoppped making the good games

Some people like the Pokémon games and think they're good, you know.

5: Because of pokemon they didn`t make Metroid 64

I don't know anything about that game so I shouldn't really be commenting on it, but are you sure they would have made it if not for Pokémon?

4: What if Ash's goal ends, what happens?

Then they might maybe make the Pokémon show about different characters and not have it always based on the games but make a plot like the movies have, which most Pokémon fans would probably be happy about. But they probably won't.

3: The freaking slogan makes people wanna buy more

Seriously, do you think the sentence "Gotta catch 'em all" made Pokémon popular? "Gotta Catch 'em all" was never seen anywhere in Japan, it's the dubbers who made it, but Pokémon was still really popular in Japan.

2: Pokemon is a deasise

It's "disease". And you clearly got that from Net Nomad, like your other reasons. I'll bet anything you can't back that up, but I'm not bothering to e-mail you about it.

1: Too much people get into Pokemon and gets there IQ dropped

"Get their IQ dropped"? Oh, guess I was born with a higher IQ than 145, then... must get out of Pokémon and get my lost points back. [/sarcasm] Seriously... people don't lose IQ by getting into Pokémon. Where's your supposed proof?

And that's it for now. If you see any anti-Pokémon sites with interesting reasons, you can e-mail me the address. I will, however, not be taking fan-sent smashing, don't really know why, but I don't feel like filling up this page with stuff that's not mine.

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