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11/23/03: I live!

I'm not dead. Really. Come on, if I was, how would I be typing this? Being a ghost, and therefore insubstantial, would give me certain typing difficulties. Besides, how does it matter whether I'm dead or not since I can at least update? Anyway, as you can see, I made the font of the updates smaller because they were taking way too much space now that the updates are so big... AND I put them in a div so now they can scroll down, and put them in another font because they just looked better that way, somehow... Anyway, loads of updates. Don't remember what I've updated, actually. Just that there's a new quiz called the Type quiz... it was harder to make than you think. A lot harder. Mainly because I got myself to believe that I wouldn't need to code it, just do it the old way by writing HTML and copying-and-pasting, since the type quiz is about clicking links that take you to the next question. The thing is that when I changed the look of the result pages, which I did about three or four times, I had to go through twenty result pages to change them all... @_@ This update's lesson: NEVER write something you may want to change without using code. Anyway, there's some bunch of stuff... oh, the Anti-anti-anti-anti-Pokémon section. If you're having a hard time counting the antis, it means "Against those who are against Anti-anti-Pokémon". It's not long, just a small statement, and as usual, completely flame-free. I've got loads of ideas of new sections, too. Oh, and there's a new poll at the bottom. As happy news for my readers, the problem with chapter 31 of The Quest for the Legends has been solved and as soon as I get around to writing the whole of it, it will be up. And I put the guestbook below the updates, it was the only way I saw out of a certain problem. Then I just thought "what the heck" and decided to layout the whole site with DIV tags and include the affiliates on every page. That took a LONG time. A few hours yesterday evening and an hour and a half today. Just hope all that was worth it... -_-;;;;;

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