This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.

Anti-anti-anti-anti-Pokémon... @_@ so many "anti"s...

This isn't a page against anyone, really. The sole purpose of this page is to say this.

To all Pokémon haters who own websites that talk about AAPs as people who are trying to take away your freedom of speech, hack your sites and swear at you:


Just read my Anti-anti-Pokémon for Pokémon haters section. I don't hack you, I don't flame you, I don't want to disable your freedom of speech. And I think it's really unfair to people like me that APs put "Anti-anti-Pokémon sites are disgusting, blah, blah, blah, they're illegal because they're trying to take away our freedom of speech, blah, blah, blah. I challenge everyone who has such a page to fix this.

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