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10/19/04: Chapter twelve

I finished chapter twelve of The Quest for the Legends... then I spent most of the weekend hunting for Scyther in the Safari Zone on FireRed. I caught two, both of them female, and named them Nightmare and Sickle. Nightmare is Rash and Sickle is relaxed; not the best Natures but since Nightmare exceeded Sickle in every stat except Special Defense when I caught them (both at level 23), Nightmare is the one on my team. This means that my Charizard, Butterfree and Scyther on my final team will all be Rash. Also, funnily enough, around 75% of all the Scyther I found were female. I'm at the Safari Zone in the walkthrough, too.

As a side note, the style poll is there for a reason; I see that Spell of the Unown style should clearly be edited a bit, since it's the most unpopular style, and probably Power of One style and Arcanine style too. Anything to please my visitors...

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