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10/11/03: [No title]

I made a new guestbook, but I warn you: It has much more features than the old one, including an IP ban, and I don't want any roleplaying, cussing, flaming, threatening, spamming, etc. in it, just visitor comments and normal chat. If people don't keep out of the line, I'll delete this guestbook too. Consider yourself warned. Anyway, I did some adjustments in the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section so that you don't need to scroll down the whole page to see what's new... also a new section that's constantly being updated: Evolution animations. It has animated GIFs of evolving pokémon (sometimes doing something else too, like using an attack). Also, I fixed the sprite gallery, you may have noticed that the buttons haven't been working lately. Oh, and a change in the layout of the hangman, plus fixing it so that you get your first word right away instead of having to press a button to do it (and at the same time getting rid of the error you got when you guessed a letter before you got a word).

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