This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.


This section holds my sprite animations. See the sprite gallery for the Terms of Use.

Bulbasaur evolving into Ivysaur, then Venusaur, nothing special about it
Trapinch evolving into Vibrava, then Flygon, nothing special about it either
A Dratini that crawls to the left, evolves, crawls to the right, evolves, and then flies away
Squirtle that evolves into Wartortle and then into Blastoise and uses Hydro pump
An Eevee that evolves into all of its evolutions and back again in a loop
A Dratini that uses Thunder wave, evolves, and glows blue
Cut, Slash, Scratch!!!!
Togepi that jumps, goes into its egg, evolves, flaps its wings and blinks its eyes
Torchic evolving into Combusken and Blaziken
Mareep evolving into Flaaffy and Ampharos
Eevee evolving into Espeon
Corsola moving
Shiny Eeveelutions evolving into each other and using attacks
Seedot evolving into Nuzleaf and then Shiftry
Bagon evolving into Shelgon and then Salamence
Larvitar evolving into Pupitar, then into Tyranitar and using Hyper beam
Seel clapping its flippers, evolving into Dewgong and moving its tail
Poliwag evolving into Poliwhirl, then Politoed, then back into Poliwhirl and Poliwag
Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle evolve to their final forms and fuse
Hoppip evolution line
Charmander --> Charmeleon --> Charizard
Agent Eevee evolved into Agent Flareon!
Treecko evolves into Grovyle; new technique here where I draw the smooth transformation
Ninetales moving one of its tails and blinking
Quilava getting its fire up and blinking
Mew movings its tail and blinking

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