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08/14/04: Stuff

Yeah, stuff...

  • There is a new "What Pokémon Are You?". The main change is in the result images, which look far better than before; there are also more possible results (bringing the total number of Pokémon you can be to eighteen) and more and different answer possibilities. The questions are mostly the same.
  • Chapter six of the HMMRCIG of The Quest for the Legends has been put up, too.
  • The Hangman has been tweaked around a bit. Now you, for example, will lose more points for each wrong letter you guess. ;)
  • Green style has been changed to a less eye-hurting type of green.
  • The R/S tips and tricks have been updated.
  • I updated one clue in the Secret Link game with something I forgot to put into it last time.


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