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Commenting on: 08-03-14

I've been playing Colosseum lately, and watching videos of both the Orre games as well, and a question has popped up in my head. Do the legendary birds and beasts have a higher catch rate in the Gamecube games, or have I and the people I've watched just been very lucky with them?

I know there hasn't been a whole lot of research done on Colosseum and XD, but this is something I'd like to know the answer to if you ever have the time to look into it. :)

[13/08/2014 03:05:59]

Commenting on: 08-03-14


As a math and pokémon nerd I love to see that kind of stuff and I've been looking for the sixth generation algorithm for a while now.

Well, I hope that eventually we finally get it =)

[11/08/2014 16:33:24]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-03-14

Unfortunately nobody has been able to find any algorithms in the sixth-generation games yet - ROMs only got extracted a couple of months ago, and without an emulator it's a whole lot harder to find the piece of code that does anything in particular. I'm dying to know how it works, though - it's definitely not the same as the fifth-generation games, since balls can shake twice again.

[10/08/2014 22:00:03]

Commenting on: 08-03-14

Do you know anything about the capture mechanics for sixth generation?

[09/08/2014 20:53:25]

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