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06/22/08: Forum Clarifications

All right, I feel I should make some clarifications concerning the forums (see previous two updates for the details of what happened).

Yes, I am going to make new forums. This really ought to be obvious.

When I say "the whole database was wiped", it should also be obvious that yes, this includes your user accounts, and yes, you will have to re-register.

No, I do not know precisely when this will be. My dad is home now and hopefully we can renew the vBulletin license later today. Then I'll need to run the installation, remake a couple of the more essential hacks, recreate all the forums (probably with some tweaks), recreate the important threads (with help from Google cached versions of the relevant pages), remake a couple of custom BBCodes, and recreate the styles; then I can probably open the forums and make some sort of a 'Hack Wishlist' thread for people to request which hacks they would like to see again. Depending on how much I have to do, it could be anytime next week.

All banned members will be able to rejoin with a clean slate, although they will obviously be banned again if they continue to break rules.

Believe it or not, I don't actually personally care that the forums were wiped. It's irritating how much work needs to be done to get them up again, but seriously. My post count? I don't even know what it was. My posts? Normally I'm just fine with not having an archive of everything I've ever said. (The only posts I really miss are the posts in the Crushes thread in which I talked about my attempts to flirt with my now-boyfriend and the elaborate Mafia rules that I'll have to recreate from memory.) My fanfics? Both saved on my computer and posted elsewhere. Okay, I would wish that I had a couple of the exclusive hacks saved just to save time in recreating them, but that's pretty much it. I suppose I might feel different if I participated in roleplays or ASB, but I don't. The most upsetting part of the database wipe, to me, was that it deleted all of the recent entries in the Quest Blog on the Quest for the Legends minipage, which were a lot more personal. There is no need to feel sorry for me. Feel sorry for the people who actually lost something that really was important to them.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Yeah, it would be very logical to move from paid, well-supported software with myriads of features and hacks for which I already own a license to a free one with fewer features and hacks. That's what I call wasting money.

[08/07/2008 23:54:48]

Website: Join the UnitedUniverse Forums now!
Commenting on: 06-22-08

VBulletin wastes money, get MyBB or ZetaBoards now

[08/07/2008 20:56:28]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

"You should make your next forum an imageboard like 4chan, 7chan, etc."

Why? o_O For one thing it's not as if I restart my forums from scratch regularly or intended to do so to begin with, so to start making suggestions for my "next forum" is rather bizarre; for another, imageboards are by definition mostly a collection of spam and macros and contain no intelligent discussion, which in my opinion quite defeats the point of having a forum to begin with; and thirdly, imageboards only work when they have the right userbase of the right size, which one connected to my site almost definitely would not. If you want an imageboard, 4chan is going to be superior anyway, so why even bother to use mine?

[01/07/2008 18:19:57]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

You should make your next forum an imageboard like 4chan, 7chan, etc.

[01/07/2008 01:34:21]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

And the spammifier (I mention this because in the last post I said "overworld") for that last one is Houndoom!

OMG, the spammifier for this one is ENTEI!!!!! yay

[26/06/2008 22:13:52]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

I also have mastered the art of finding out what pokemon the shadow on the surface of the Safra Sea is.

Magikarp: A small shadow that doesn't really move.

Goldeen: A small shadow that has three lines over it when you go near, and tries to flee.

Remoraid: Similar to Goldeen, except it goes underwater when the three lines appear.

Horsea: Like Magikarp, except it moves more.

Luvdisc: It's basically the same as Horsea, but they cluster like the Tauros in the Kisara Plain in the bottom of the top right deep water area.

Octillery: A big shadow that does the same thing as Remoraid.

Seaking: A big shadow that sometimes does the same thing as Goldeen, but not as much. It only appears when you have captured two Goldeen.

Seadra: A big shadow that does the same thing as Horsea.

Kingdra: Same as Seadra, except it only appears after you capture two Horsea. (You don't need it, it appears in missions, but it CAN help get a high score.)

Psyduck: At the bottom left, there is a big shadow that appears when you capture two Starmie that appear when you capture two Staryu. (You don't need to capture four Staryu.)

Wailmer: Capture two Goldeen, which bring Seaking. Capture two. Then go near the top border in the middle, and you'll see the biggest shadow yet. Go there- it's as hard to capture as it is to summon.

Mantine- Go to the deep water at the top left and get two Remoraid and one Octillery. Then, a REALLY BIG shadow will appear. That is Mantine.

Note that I only listed the Pokemon that stay underwater in the overworld.

[26/06/2008 22:12:33]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

OMG i got lugia for spammifier, so I wanted to do this:

Lugia is white.

Vanilla ice cream is also white.

Vanilla ice cream tastes good.

So does broccoli. (I LOVE IT!!!)

Broccoli is green.

So are apples.

Apples rot.

So do dumpsters' contents.

I never want to swim in dumpsters' contents.

Nor do I want to swim in lava.

Lava is normally associated with fire types.

Slugma is a fire type.

Slugma is weird.

So are Unown.

Unown is never used in competitive battling.

Neither is Abra.

Abra is yellow.

So is urine…

Therefore Lugia's name should be Urine!

An alternative for squeamish people:

Lemonade is yellow.

Therefore Lugia's name should be Lemonade!!!!!!

[26/06/2008 21:53:20]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Oh yeah I forgot you had to read the rules lol.

I just didn't read them that thoroughly, just to see if there was something new, since I already read them before they broke.

-I hate it when there's a Pokemon who's name's hard to spell is used for validation is mightye?a spelled with one n or two?-

[25/06/2008 17:55:19]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Yay! Nice to see that we're allowed to post again! Sadly I still haven't received e-mail confirmation. :-(

It doesn't matter, I have too much homework to do. I sometimes use the forum as a distraction at times like this, which I obviously shouldn't.

Wow, I got off topic really easily, huh?

[25/06/2008 17:38:11]

Website: Ratipharos
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Well, this makes me want to join. See you later!

[25/06/2008 00:06:24]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Okay, we've got Dewgong style up. Well, the forum is almost back. We just need the syncronizer, and whatever else is missing.

[24/06/2008 23:05:04]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Minimal Dewgong style was up yesterday, actually. I was just making the style synchronizer hack (making the forums display your selected main site style if you have no forum style set or the current main site default style if you have no main site style set either).

[24/06/2008 21:02:02]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Oh, I guess you were just getting minimal dewgong style up or something, then. Looks good.

[24/06/2008 20:53:53]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Terry: …um, sorry to burst your bubble, but that profile comment you made was kind of analogous to telling a person who just dropped their pencil, "Hey, I know! You can pick it up again!"

If you drop your pencil, you pick it up. If my forums break, I make new ones. Yes, obviously I was well capable of figuring the possibility of recreating the forums out on my own. It doesn't exactly take a genius to think of it. o_O In fact, I don't think you posted that comment until after I'd made the previous update which clearly implied I was going to recreate the forums.

[24/06/2008 20:35:31]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

…wait, what just happened to the forums? First it was coming up with Database Error page again, and now it just says "float"

…it hasn't wiped itself again, has it? :/

[24/06/2008 20:29:02]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Yeah, cool! I'm Texifier, anyway, and I asked you, Butterfree, to do it on Serebii! Or did you decide?

[24/06/2008 19:12:05]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

…what the fuddlesticks? I am not tired of my site and have no idea where you got that from. And if I wanted staff, which my FAQ already says I don't, I would definitely not hire somebody I've never even talked to who does not seem to know HTML, basic grammar or general manners. Frankly, I think involving you with this site would make it considerably worse. Go away and learn not to put words in people's mouths.

[24/06/2008 16:49:39]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

That last post made me laugh so much. So you're seventeen tears old? Oh, and you are a huge Pokémon fan since forever.

I think you'll find that Butterfree does not want help with the site, which she has specified many many times. I very highly doubt she will just give up the site and give it to you - why would someone just decide to give up a site without reason? Also I'm pretty sure she does not know you (not to mention your typing is horrible), so would you be a particularly trustworthy admin of this site? No.

[24/06/2008 15:51:52]

PGO Owner
Website: Pokemon GlobalOnline
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Hi, how u doin? oh yea, ur tried. Well, i can help you. My name is Deandre of cuba, alabama. I am a huge pokemon fan since forever. i am 17 trs old and i know i can help you. I can get you weekly or daily news for your site,forum yyes, and other stuff as well. i can add alot here to. i know how it feel to have a site by yourself. i hav a site (http://pokemonfantasy.741.com/home.html)(http://psnetwork.bravehost.com) but it not finish yet, because i need help. but i want to work with you and make a amazing pokemon site or if you don't want it no more , i could take over it. i will not disaapoint you


My new site is http://freewebs.com/pokemonglobalonline

[24/06/2008 10:23:40]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Well, if we are allowed to register, provided we don't post until given the ok, then I would register just to get it out of the way

[23/06/2008 20:36:14]

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