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03/17/04: Plagiarism...


Ladies and gentlemen... a plagiarized, simplified, edited version of The Quest for the Legends can at the moment be read on this page. Look for "Our Great Pokémon Journey" by Kristin. Try clicking the "Read past Pokémon Adventures" link and going to September 2003, the plagiarism continues there. Actually, it starts in June 2003, with an exact rip-off from the start of The Quest for the Legends, just with a modified name, and then continues. In chapter three, somebody apparently saves the main character by sending out "his Kyogre". The chapters have been greatly mixed up, the Mew hunter is now half himself and half Marge, the leader of the Aqua town gym.

EDITED: After a long search, I actually found something called "PokAuthors" where authors posted messages to each other, and just in case they don't let my message in due to not really being relevant and maybe counting as flaming if they're really strict on it (well, the worst thing I said was that she was violating copyright laws, so that's highly unlikely), I managed to find her website and therefore forums also and post there. Hope she will peacefully admit to having stolen it...

So... how did I find that? Well, it just happens that I discovered this plagiarized copy of Star Latias and the Nine Vertical Pies by Latios as I was feeling random and searched for "Vertical pies" on Google. I realized that fanfiction isn't safe, and I entered Chaletwo... and got that rip-off.

I hope nobody will ever plagiarize your fanfiction. And you should hope that too. It's not fun.

As for the site, as you should have seen already, shiny Umbreon is now the star of Dark blue style, and I wrote a new rant called In Defense of Fire Red and Leaf Green.

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