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02/19/18: Guestbook Changes

The guestbook has always been a separate page in a separate layout of its own, but this was for historical reasons - back in the day when I made it, I wasn't great at programming, didn't really understand C# and had a very hard time adding substantial code to the main site framework, so the guestbook was a whole separate entity written in JScript, and including the site includes wasn't possible without serious restructuring.

However, since I rewrote the entire site in Python, it's been just another page on the site, and there's been no real need for it to be this way anymore - I kept it the way it was mainly because I was focusing on getting everything ported over. After I made the new Voice of the Forest style and had to throw together the similar-but-slightly-different guestbook version of the CSS at the last minute, though, I realized I wanted to just bring it into the layout proper already.

I've done this now, alongside editing the header for update comment pages to more sensibly refer to it as update comments, and the rules when commenting on updates to elide the bits that apply more to the guestbook itself. The guestbook still contains all update comments, but the update comment pages aren't complicated by referring to them as part of the guestbook.

I miiight later restructure how updates work a bit so that update comment pages can also show the update itself, which would be nice.

No real content updates here, sorry - but I have been fixing a bunch of random bugs around the site recently that weren't worth mentioning on their own, since I've now set it up to automatically e-mail me tracebacks on server errors. Still working on revising my ninth movie review, and a different thing that I might go ahead and finish sometime soon, maybe.

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Hi, Butterfree! Just putting this comment here to tell you how much I love this website, I was searching around for Pokemon movie reviews one day, and binge - read almost all of yours. Keep up the good work! -Iggy30874

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