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It did not matter whether his eyelids had finally given up or not; such was the darkness. His own forced breath was the only sound heard.

But he could sense the presence.

“How do you feel, Mewtwo?” asked a smooth, soft echo of thoughts.

He didn’t react to the question for a while, but then answered.

I want to break out... I want to smash the glass... I want to shatter these chains...

He felt his wrists pulse with every beat of his heart, too numb to feel pain.

“Will you?”

...No... I must not...

He resisted the overwhelming temptation to break the shackles off his limbs with a stroke of mental energy.

“You can.”

Is this the only way?

He knew the answer. He had asked that question so many times, so desperately.

“Yes, the only way...”

He let out a series of coughs and chuckles.

I am suffering and dying for your creations, Mew... I hate to do it, I despise it, but I do it... do you know why?

There was no answer.

It is my purpose.

“You are serving it well.”

The Creator’s clone exists to suffer and die... isn’t that ironic?

“You are a part of me, Mewtwo... and that is exactly why you must die for them... you are the only one who can...”

His brain was in insane fits of mental laughter while breathing grew steadily harder.

Are they even worth it? Do they even want to be saved? Maybe my death will be in vain. Maybe my suffering will all be for nothing and my pain pointless...

“I must leave now, Mewtwo...” the voice said softly. “I could not bear to watch you die.”

Goodbye, Mew.

The presence vanished. His unsteady breathing slowed gradually down; he felt a drop of blood trickling down his arm from the shackles.

My spirit is yours...

He chuckled insanely for the last time; then the chamber fell silent.

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