This is a work of fanfiction by Butterfree/Dragonfree/antialiasis and is not to be reposted without permission. This story is in no way official or endorsed by Nintendo, GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc., or The Pokémon Company.

On the Run

Run and run,
away from the sun,
away from its rays,
away from the days.
Running away from the rays of the sun,
away from my death I am forced to run.

Chasing the night,
I flee from the light,
the sunrise so bright,
with all of my might.
Running away from the red of the dawn,
I am and will always be destiny’s pawn.

I pant in the dark;
the run left its mark.
There’s blood on my paws,
drenching my claws.
Running away from the rage of the light,
knowing I’m stuck in a hopeless fight.

I’m all out of breath,
awaiting my death.
The sun will soon rise;
that orb I despise.
I failed to survive so my fate was sealed;
soon my pain will be over, my wounds will be healed…

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