Theory on Pokémon Evolution

By Polursine



Pokémon defy evolution of the human race by expanding their body at one point or another, depending on the structural design of the Pokémon themselves. Once arriving at the needed level of experience, the Pokémon's body undergoes transformation; their body cells and organ develop and reach maturity. Almost like puberty for the Pokémon.

But there are certain Pokémon that 'evolve' only when exchanged with another person. One must ask; why is this so? Is it to do with the Poké-puberty? No, in fact, it is very much the opposite, enabling them to simply bypass this stage in life.

The gifts of being unique!

No two Pokémon are the same. In any way, shape or form. Sure, some learn the same moves as others, some evolve at the same time as others, but this way of life is very unique, and individual to every Pokémon. Even two of the same Pokémon caught at the same level (just check Stats. And if they are the same, try and work out the IV and other mathematical approaches to the Pokémon). But what has this got to do with trading? Everything, in fact. Why is it that a Scyther will evolve into Scizor with the Metal Coat, but a Gastly won't?

The real dirt!

Three letters; DNA. Millions of DNA segments contain different coding for the Pokémon's make-up. What stats will increase, when it will evolve and how, height and weight, and the little factor of being 'Shiny', what EV(s) to produce, Individual Values and what not. Each segment of DNA within the Pokémon controls all this. This is where the part of 'being unique' comes in. Remember, nothing is same, no matter how close a relation.

Okay, so basic evolution is answered, but what about evolution via trading, and Elemental Stone evolution? Well, they use the same basic principles of evolution, but with a twist. Yep, it's to do with DNA, but can also be the reactive-ness of the item.


Elemental Stone evolution takes DNA into account, but allows a shortcut over the evolution bridge. The Pokémon's cells react with the Stone's radiation, hence it evolves. Certain Stones only work on these Pokémon that have the 'Elemental Stone DNA' segment. Shellder evolve with the Water Stone only because they have the 'Water Stone evolution' DNA segment, which overrides the normal evolution way of experience.

Of course, the only way to find that out would be to test it yourself.


Some Pokémon evolve just by trading, while others need a held item. Simple, the Pokémon is transferred from one trainer to another, and it gains knowledge and experience from the exchange, and hence it has a new owner. Huh? Your Kadabra is evolving! The electrical charges and impulses of the trade cause the Pokémon to evolve. And when holding an item, these minute shocks cause the item to activate, and readjust the Pokémon's molecular structure. The item is blended in with the Pokémon cells, and it changes shape.

Reasons why

Huzzah for Drugs!

Think of it as this; why do you feel weird after having an injection? It has nothing to do with the force of the needle (sometimes it can, but that's not the point). It all comes down to what was inside the needle. The substance is new, it invaded your body, and now everything inside you wants to restore peace. This is that feeling. Yeah, soon after a while you'll feel better (or worse, depending if the stuff is lethal). The substance is now at home, and you feel no different than before the injection. You may not notice, but your body has just changed!

Apply this nature of the body to a Pokémon; its cells attack the intruder, and then settle. What with the new arrival, the body changes. But these changes become more visible than the human changes.


With the added forces of these electrical charges and the held item, these Pokémon evolve when traded. Why can't we use other forces of electrical power supplies to evolve Pokémon? Why doesn't an Electric attack evolve a Pokémon? Because those forces are of electricity; the energy of lightning at a fraction of the power. This will have no effect on the Pokémon's cells, but merely have a chance to Paralyze it.

Your body is a giant machine, your brain being in total charge. And it produces enough electricity to move your body around. Do you know how much that is? If you think it’s a lot, guess again! It has enough power to light a 60Watt light bulb for an hour, and it won't be at full potential. No, this is not the power source for Pokémon evolution, but it comes pretty close. The source is powerful, but energy wise, not very.

Find this scientific impulse, and you have evolution.


You might say I’m insane. Truth is; I am. And I have too much time on my hands. But I did clear up some “weirdened” issues of the Pokémon world (well, at least for me). If you think I just chucked in stuff about DNA and the body’s working, you’re right. But no one really questioned it much, so it was safe to do so.

Despite this only being a theory, all theories have some truth in them, no matter how wrong they appear. And like I said; it ain’t official, so don’t start bringin’ that up. This side of Pokémon wasn’t meant to bring science into it.

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