Theory on Pokémon Breeding

By Dannichu

NOTE: This is a very delicate topic, and I hope not to offend anyone with what I write here. This is pretty much clean, but I still don't want to get flamed for it savvy? Good.

Pokémon, let's face it, don't have, or at least, appear to have, the parts necessary for reproduction in the way that all animal life on our planet does. For which we are all eternally grateful. Aside from those sick people who- *ahem* And yet they DO have genders. My theory for this is that a Pokémon's gender doesn't affect them so much physically as it does psychologically. For example, once a Pokémon reaches a certain age, it will mature, and become more adult, and fully grown. It will also be attracted to other Pokémon, most commonly of the opposite gender, but my theory doesn't necessarily exclude homosexuality.

When two Pokémon are together and basically in love, they may or may not decide that they want to have children. How? This is where the interesting part comes in.

One or both potential parents will make a wish on the Psychic Spirit Jirachi, the Wish Pokémon. If it feels that the Pokémon will either raise the young well, or the Pokémon's trainer will, it will accept their wish and pass it onto the next Spirit, Mew.

Mew then creates new life form as it wishes. It will wrap this new life in a thin shell so when it receives a lot of love and care, the life will eventually assume the body of its mothers first form and, a little later, hatch.

But the final Psychic spirit is possibly the most important one. Celebi will take the egg from Mew and then take a trip to the past, future or whatever hole in the fabric of time in which it is needed, and leave the egg there for the waiting parents.

While many people are probably wondering if I'm insane (which I am, but let's forget about that), there are a number of things that count towards this theory. For example, a Pokémon like Pikachu, which would so obviously be a mammal in the world we know, it lays an egg, something that only reptiles, fish, birds and two marsupials do.

Also, the Crystal (I think) Pokédex entry for Celebi says something along the lines of "Every time it appears in a forest, it is said to leave behind an egg which it has brought from the future." Now what do you think that means? You can't get baby Celebi, so it would have to be the egg of another Pokémon.

Mew, as you will know, contains the DNA of every Pokémon in existence. In my theory it can use this to not only transform itself, but to create new life as it wishes with the DNA stored in its body.

Of course, the TV show begs to differ, what with Butterfree dying after reproducing (in the Japanese version at least), but hey; they reckon that not only can a Nidoqueen have babies, they will be baby Nidoqueen. Go figure.

So there you have it. My theory on Pokémon reproduction. If you found any loopholes in it, please let me know, but PLEASE don't start on me about things like homosexuality and how the Psychic Spirits are playing God and such like, since that's talking it way too literally.

Thank you and goodnight.

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