All the awards that have been given to The Cave of Dragonflies. A few of the first were applied for and a few are awards for various games and competitions, but strangely, most of them I just got sent from random people through e-mail for some reason or other of their own.

In a way, this page is more of a Pokémon website graveyard than a section of awards. Today, only one of these awards links anywhere; that's because all of the sites the others came from (if any) have been closed or deleted. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Marill's World

Mew's Shrine Mystery Award

Mew13's Shiny Award

CoolGuy68's award

Joey's Dragon Award

A Gold award from Myuu's Pokémon Rainbow Cloud... well, I got it, but then it was deleted.

Psybirds Flight for much stuff and many games

Mew's Hangout - Gold Award

The Master Trio's Silver Award

I survived the Poké Meadows 'Click Here'...

Great Fanart/Graphics

Are You Patient?

I got a silver award from Fumidasukoto, but it is gone now.

Great Site!

Plushie Jirachi Platinum Award

Larimt's Weyr Award

I braved the Mewstar Island Don't Click

The Grass Award

Eternal Eevee's Golden Award

Intelligence in Pokémon award

Annoyingman's award

Special Pretty Picture Award

I found the Crystal Onix

Special Rayquaza's Emerald Award

Furret Worthy Award

Myall's Award of Excellence

Award from Pichu

Jolteon's TC's Gold Award

Special Hall of Fame Edition Golden Trophy

Celadon Platinum Award

Timic83's Award

Burning Ruby Award

Spriter's Challenge - second place

Spriter's Challenge - third place

Shining Milokaross Award for Excellence

Kitty Heaven's cutest site award

Flamin' Hot Pokémon Site Award

I found the Hidden Page at Lugia's Island! How cool is that?

Award from Torchic-Club
(Torchic from Arkeis)

Award for unscrambling the Pokémon at Torchic-Club

Golden Rapidash award for a site made with humor, originality and effort

My site rocks, apparently

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