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Now, I used to be all making new types of awards and complicating stuff, so I started anew. Now there is only one type of award that is, in a way, a mix of the other three website awards.

Gold (sample)

Silver (sample)

Bronze (sample)

See those white circles marked with stuff like "Overall liking" and "Layout"? You will be graded on those eight aspects and get either the first, second or third evolutionary stage of the Pokémon associated with that aspect (higher being better), and that will be one "badge". The color of your award will be an average of the badges. If it lands so that the average is exactly in between, the "Overall Liking" will take priority. You will only get an award at all if I feel I can give you at least the first stage Pokémon for "Overall liking" and three others.

I do not award forums, by the way. Or non-Pokémon websites. Sorry.


Liking badge

Caterpie Metapod Butterfree

Your ranking here depends simply on how much I personally like your site overall. I generally like sites more if they show a lot of effort on your behalf - I like originally created layouts, for example, more than free layouts from elsewhere, even if the free layout looks better - and if they have something that can really interest me. I can't really list any guidelines for this, though, except that you should just do your best and try to get the other categories too, and stay away from everything I discourage in my Website tips.

Content badge

Charmander Charmeleon Charizard

This measures how much content you have. When I say content, I do not count sections that consist almost purely of images, anything similar to what I have placed under "Site" on my menu (the Zodiac being the only exception) or anything that you did not make even if it is freeware or you got permission to use it (which means that unless you coded them yourself, forums, oekakis, shoutboxes, chatrooms, etc. don't count; fan art/fan fiction sections only count for your own works; and anything copied from elsewhere, even with permission, does not count). To weigh against all the stuff that doesn't count for this, you need very little of it to get a Charmander.

Update badge

Pigdey Pidgeotto Pidgeot

To get this badge, you need to update frequently. Updates where you don't actually change anything on or add to the site (e.g. updates simply stating that new Pokémon have been revealed) do not count. The more you wait between updates on average, the more I expect you to have done for it. For the Pidgeot, you should update at least around once a week on average; for the Pidgey, you won't need more than maybe once a month. I understand it can be difficult once you're maintaining a large site with lots of content already to think of stuff to add all the time, so I may take it easy on you if your site is huge.

Personality badge

Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur

If you want this one, you'll need your site's content to have a bit of personality - the less lists and the more juicy paragraphs that really give me a feel for the person behind the words, the better. Basically, you should have your own writing style. For the Bulbasaur, you'll only need it to be a little visible that the content was written by you and not a robot; if you want a Venusaur, your sections need to be so distinctly yours that I'd recognize them as yours even without having seen that particular one before.

Originality badge

Chikorita Bayleef Meganium

This is all about originality. Have I seen all your content on at least ten other Pokémon websites before in some form? If so, don't even try. To get this, your site must have something unique, and I don't mean an "About Me" section about a different person. If you were the first to do something and others later imitated you, you do deserve some credit; tell me and preferrably provide some sort of evidence unless you have a reason to believe I know you were the first with it. Just as an example, to my knowledge mine is the only Pokémon website with humourous conspiracy theories, text that has been run through BabelFish or a Zodiac of this kind.

Information badge

Treecko Grovyle Sceptile

To get this, you need some substantial and accurate information about the Pokémon anime, games, etc. Pokédexes - provided they have some actual information of worth in them, not just the number, name and type of the Pokémon or something like that - game reviews, episode summaries, catching guides, battling tips and such will contribute to your score here, though lengthy copy-pasted lists of Gameshark codes or the like won't.

Layout badge

Nidoran female Nidorina Nidoqueen

I'm not particularly picky for this, but for a Nidoqueen, your layout should work in Internet Explorer and Firefox, be easy on the eyes, use one font color and size (except for headings, areas with different background colors and other such minor exceptions), include navigation on every page, and work in all resolutions of 800x600 and over. If you are using an unedited free layout from another site, you will only get a Nidoran; if you are using a slightly edited free layout, you can not get a Nidoqueen. If a free layout has been edited beyond recognition, your chances at the Nidoqueen do not suffer.

Entertainment badge

Gastly Haunter Gengar

This is where interactivity and fun stuff counts. Any games, however primitive, humourous sections, or other entertaining interactive features such as quizzes or personality tests, will count toward your score. A bonus if it's something unique. Something you did not code yourself, such as the Virtual Pikachu, Catch Pidgeotto or Skateboarding Pikachu, as well as forums, shoutboxes, oekakis, polls and chatrooms, will not count, however. (A quiz using some sort of a free script is fine, seeing as the entertainment value of a quiz does not come from what the script does, but the questions and results that you have made.)


If you think you're up for an award, simply contact me. You don't need to specify which one you want; of course you want the gold, but I decide which one to give you.

If you have already gotten an award, you may apply again later to improve your score.

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