What is Anti-Pokémon?

Anti-Pokémon is the general notion of being against (or basically severely disliking) Pokémon for one reason or another.

What is Anti-anti-Pokémon?

Anti-Anti-Pokémon is, in a way, a counter against Anti-Pokémon. Rather than being about fighting Anti-Pokémon, this website's AAP sections exist to defend Pokémon against a certain category of Anti-Pokémon arguments, namely those that claim there is something inherently wrong with Pokémon that means it simply should not be liked, at least not by self-respecting halfway-intelligent teens and adults. Such arguments are for example the animal cruelty argument and the "for babies" argument, detailed on their own pages.

So you want to argue with Pokémon haters?

No. They have every right to have whatever opinion they want about Pokémon or whatever else. I'm merely providing my thoughts on why I believe there is nothing wrong with liking Pokémon, while not trying to imply there is something wrong with disliking it.

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