This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.

TM and HM list and suggestions

In this section, each TM and HM is described in details and suggestions on which pokémon group(s) would use that TM or HM best, or even some certain pokémon or a pokémon with this or that move. Read this if you're not sure what to do with your TMs.

TM01 - Dynamicpunch - type: Fighting - power: 100 - accuracy: 49.6% - PP: 5
This fighting-type attack always confuses the opponent - when it hits! In fact, its accuracy is less than 50%, so that means: Take all or nothing! But when it hits, it's really useful. My Hitmonlee uses it on Blissey in the battle tower, and beats it in one hit. One HIT. When it misses, Hitmonlee just has to take a Fire blast. Use this with caution, but it's good on pokémon with Lock-on or Mind reader, which guarantee the next attack to hit the opponent, as long as the enemy doesn't switch. I'd say this would also maybe work on Defenders and those Hand-to-hands that also have good Special defense. At least, it's too risky to use this TM on a pokémon that is likely to faint in one hit from the enemy.

TM02 - Headbutt - type: Normal - power: 70 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Headbutt has a 29.6% chance of flinching the opponent. Then, it can be used out of battle on trees to knock pokémon out of them. The pokémon will always be level 10. It is best used on a quick pokémon that has some use of the flinching chance and a pokémon that can deal some damage with it, meaning a Quick attacker. Combined with a paralyzing move, Attract and a confusing move, this might get the opponent's chance of hitting you down to almost nothing.

TM03 - Curse - type: ??? - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 10
If used by a Ghost type, the user loses half of its Hit points and puts a curse on the enemy, making it lose 1/4 or its Hit points every turn until switched. If Curse is used by any other type, it lowers Speed and raises Attack and Defense. Now, PLEASE, DO NOT USE THIS ON QUICK NON-GHOST POKÉMON! Quick pokémon are made to attack first and not to lower their own speed down to nothing. Most quick pokémon are made to strike fast and hard. They're not tactical. For Ghosts, it is sort of attacking, but I don't recommend this for Ghosts. Losing half their hit points will most likely leave them fainted the next turn. This is best used on pokémon with high Special defense and pretty high Defense too, and maybe an okay attack because pokémon with very low attack aren't made to make it higher. They're either made to survive while beating the enemy slowly or attack from safe distance. Meaning Ninjas are the best ones. Snorlax is the pokémon I think uses this move best.

TM04 - Rollout - type: Rock - power: 30 - accuracy: 89.6% - PP: 20
Rollout's Base damage doubles each time it's used. After using it once, you'll lose control of your pokémon and it will keep using Rollout until it misses or hits for the fifth time. The fifth time, with base damage of 480, is the highest normal Rollout can go, but when Defense curl is used just before Rollout, the opening damage is doubled, resulting in base damage of 960 on the fifth turn. Defenders use this move best, because they have to survive until the fifth turn, where it explodes. Geodude/Graveler/Golem don't use this move well because of the low Special defense.

TM05 - Roar - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
This move ends battles with wild pokémon while forcing enemy trainers to switch to a random pokémon. The user always goes second, except if the enemy is using another go-second attack, then the one with the higher speed attacks first, but it only works when you go second. It's good to get rid of stat-boosting, especially when you Psych up first;) But remember Roar doesn't have guaranteed accuracy, so it's VERY hard to get rid of Double team with it. Roar is best used on a pokémon that has pretty high Defense and Special defense so it can survive the attack from the opponent while waiting to Roar them away.

TM06 - Toxic - type: Poison - power: none - accuracy: 84.6% - PP: 10
Toxic poisons the opponent badly. When a pokémon becomes badly poisoned, the poison damage will increase each turn. If switched, the toxic is turned into a normal poison. This move is very useful on Defenders, as the Defenders are normally hard to beat. If it takes the enemy more than five turns to beat yours, Toxic will take the enemy down first. It works the best, however on pokémon that can learn trapping moves, such as Whirlpool or Mean look. Blastoise, for example, is a defender and it can learn the HM move Whirlpool. And Blissey is very hard to beat with Toxic. Not to mention Shuckle...

TM07 - Zap cannon - type: Electric - power: 100 - accuracy: 49.6% - PP: 5
This move is exactly like Dynamicpunch except it's Electric-type and it paralyzes instead of confusing. Do the same as with Dynamicpunch, but remember this is a special attack, so I recommend it on Armored rangers with decent Special defense and Defenders.

TM08 - Rock smash - type: Fighting - power: 20 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
This attack is NOT good. It has a 50% chance of lowering the enemy's Defense, but that's all. As for what pokémon you should teach it to, DON'T TEACH IT TO ANY POKÉMON THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP! Teach it to a pokémon that has no other purpose than using Rock smash, because it has no use except clearing rocks out of battle.

TM09 - Psych up - type: Psychic - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 10
If the enemy has some status changes, like if it has used Double team three times, this attacks copies them on you, so it would be like you had also used Double team three times. This is a very neat little attack and good to use just before using Roar or Whirlwind to get rid of the enemy's status changes. Teach this to a pokémon with Roar or Whirlwind.

TM10 - Hidden power - type: varies - power: varies - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Note that even though the type of Hidden power varies, it can always be Countered. The power can be anything between 31 and 70. The type and power depend on the pokémon's DVs. The only thing I can remember of the formula for it is that max stats pokémon always have Dark hidden power with base damage of 70. Use this on any pokémon that gets a good type and power. For example, there's no point in Water hidden power for a water pokémon that can learn Surf.

TM11 - Sunny day - type: Fire - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 5
Sunny day's effects last for five turns. It powers up Fire attacks by multiplying the damage by 1.5 and weakens Water attacks by dividing the damage by 1.5. Thunder's accuracy drops to 59.6% (or maybe 54.6%?). No charging turn is needed for Solarbeam. Pokémon that are Frozen might thaw out. And, finally, Moonlight, Synthesis and Morning sun heal twice as much as normally! This is good on Grass-types as long as there are no Fires around, and it's good on Houndoom, Entei and Ho-oh, which are Fires but can learn Solarbeam. Grass attacks on Fire pokémon counter all of their weaknesses. Think about it.

TM12 - Sweet scent - type: Grass - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
When used in battle, it lowers the enemy's evasion by one level, and when used out of battle, this lures wild pokémon into battle. This is very useful in the Bug-catching contest, then you can use it so you don't have to walk. If there was a Sweet scent in R/B/Y, the Safari game would be very easy, as the "time" is actually just how many steps you take. With this TM, you don't need to walk. Well, there was no Sweet scent in R/B/Y, so that's not what we're talking about. This is useful on pokémon with inaccurate attacks such as Blizzard or Thunder, and it can also be used to negate the effects of Double team and such. However, if you're going to use it and then Blizzard or Thunder, you're better off with Thunderbolt or Ice beam. It's interesting on Mew, since it can learn any TM. But I don't really recommend this except on Defenders with decent attack or special attack but inaccurate moves. Or on pokémon you normally use to face Scizors.

TM13 - Snore - type: Normal - power: 40 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
This only works while the user is asleep and has a 29.6% chance of flinching. Any ideas? Snorlax, of course! With Belly drum, Rest, Snore and... uh, Earthquake, perhaps, Snorlax is really hard to beat.

TM14 - Blizzard - type: Ice - power: 120 - accuracy: 69.6% - PP: 5
It has a 10% chance of freezing. In R/B/Y, it was good, but not anymore. Its accuracy is just too low. You're better off with Ice beam, but maybe it would work having Sweet scent and a recovery move. Otherwise, it's too unreliable to use. What if you were much quicker, and your enemy has 1 hit point left, but you just miss and lose the pokémon?

TM15 - Hyper beam - type: Normal - power: 150 - accuracy: 89.6% - PP: 5
The user has to wait the turn after this is used. I really, REALLY hate this move because it's used so much in the Battle tower, and what I found out was that you should have to recharge even when it misses. I mean, when a pokémon just used all its energy in a Hyper beam, should it be fresh and ready to use it again when it misses but not when it hits? This is ridiculous. Well, there's not much point in this attack. While your pokémon is recharging and completely helpless, the enemy has the chance to attack you with an attack it couldn't use on you before for some reason, plus, you can't switch on the recharge turn.

TM16 - Icy wind - type: Ice - power: 55 - accuracy: 94.6% - PP: 15
Always lowers Speed. This is only useful on pokémon that can't learn any other move that makes sure they'll be quicker. And, of course, only on such pokémon that need to be quicker for some reason.

TM17 - Protect - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
The user always goes first and can't be harmed by the opponent's attack that turn. Accuracy lowers each time it is used in a row. This is useful on pokémon that you want to find out wether or not the opponent has an attack, like a Skarmory could check if a Snorlax knows Fire blast without being harmed. It is also useful on pokémon with attacks like Toxic, that affect the enemy after they've been used. And on Perish singers.

TM18 - Rain dance - type: Water - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 5
The opposite of Sunny day. It lasts for five turns, powers up Water attacks but weakens Fire attacks, makes Thunder Swift accurate, drops Solarbeam's power to 60, frozen pokémon won't thaw out and Synthesis, Moonlight and Morning sun heal half the normal ammount of Hit points. That means: a)Surfing Pikachu/Raichu b)Chinchou or Lanturn. Not good on normal Waters because of Thunder's accuracy boost, and no good on normal Electrics because it powers up the water attacks.

TM19 - Giga drain - type: Grass - power: 60 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 5
One of the life-draining moves. It's good on Ho-oh when you don't want it to need to Sunny day before using a grass attack and you also want it to have Earthquake. It's also good on some Grasses, but the PP is what takes this move down. 5 uses. 8 at most. Waaaaaay to few to be a Grass type's only grass attack. You're better off with Synthesis and either Sunny day and Solarbeam or Razor leaf. But this can be useful if you find a Grass Speed ranger.

TM20 - Endure - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
The accuracy of this move decrases each time you use it. This move is made to help you out with Reversal or Flail, which are more powerful the lower on health your pokémon is. Use it on quick pokémon that can learn Reversal or Flail, and a move to be quicker, such as Icy wind or Agility. Thunder wave will also work.

TM21 - Frustration - type: Normal - power: varies - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
The maximum power you can get is 102. This is for unhappy pokémon. The unhappier your pokémon is, the stronger this move is. But I can prove for you that Return is better. Look at this: At first, when your pokémon is unhappy, Frustration will obviously be more powerful than Return. The pokémon with Return will have a hard time winning a battle (if it doesn't have any other move than Return, that is), while the pokémon with Frustration will win countless times. But, pokémon become happier when they win battles! So either you'll have to fill it of bitter herbs whenever it gains a level or just leave Frustration to become weak. If the pokémon with Return, however, wins a battle, it will be easier for it to win the next one. So Return will always be stronger, but Frustration will be stuck the way it is. And when the pokémon gains levels, it will be harder for it to lose, meaning Frustration will be even weaker. So, use Return instead.

TM22 - Solarbeam - type: Grass - power: 120 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
The user charges on the first turn and attacks on the second. This is good on Houndoom, Entei and Ho-oh. It is also good on Grasses that either have Sunny day and some way to rid fires or a Sleep move so they won't attack while you're charging. It might also be good on Grass Defenders that survive the enemy's attack while charging.

TM23 - Iron tail - type: Steel - power: 100 - accuracy: 74.6% - PP: 15
Has a 30% chance of lowering the enemy's Defense. The accuracy is waaaaaay too low to rely on it. Steel wing is better, even though the Base damage for Steel wing is 70 and the average damage for Iron tail is 75. It's just better to think: Ahhh, now I will beat him! instead of: Hit, hit, hit, please! But of course, few pokémon learn Steel wing. Maybe Iron tail is okay on the other ones. Wait, what am I saying? No one wants a Steel-type move...

TM24 - Dragonbreath - type: Dragon - power: 60 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
30% chance of paralyzing the enemy. This is good on Kingdra and might also be good on Dragonite if you don't like the confusion of Outrage and want the paralyzing of Dragonbreath.

TM25 - Thunder - type: Electric - power: 120 - accuracy: 69.6% - PP: 10
30% chance of paralyzing the enemy. As Thunder gets guaranteed accuracy when Rain dance is in effect, use it on Lanturn and Surfing Pikachu/Raichu.

TM26 - Earthquake - type: Ground - power: 100 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
This is a VERY good move. Earthquake is accurate, powerful, and even has 10 PP! Teach it to Waters along with Ice beam to counter all of their weaknesses, or to any Ground that you might find.

TM27 - Return - type: Normal - power: varies - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 20
It's just the same as Frustration except it's more powerful the happier the pokémon is.

TM28 - Dig - type: Ground - power: 60 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
Digs on first turn, attacks on second. This was just as powerful as Earthquake in R/B/Y, but now it's stupid. Earthquake damages you twice as much on the digging turn and the power was lowered. It also no longer transfers you to the last pokémon center visited whe used out of battle, just to the cave/forest enterance. Use Earthquake instead.

TM29 - Psychic - type: Psychic - power: 90 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
10% chance of lowering Special defense. This is a very good attack, I recommend it on any Psychic pokémon.

TM30 - Shadow ball - type: Ghost - power: 80 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Er...hmm... who got the idea of giving this a 20% chance of lowering SPECIAL defense??? Hello! Ghost is a physical type, if you haven't noticed before! Very stupid side effect, but teach it to Attackers with Special attacks too so they'll get something out of the boost.

TM31 - Mud-slap - type: Ground - power: 10 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
Doesn't look good, does it? But it is good, it always lowers Accuracy! Teach this to any pokémon with good attack that could use some switches and/or misses from the enemy.

TM32 - Double team - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 15
Raises your Evasion. After using this six times, you're VERY unlikely to get hit. But this is best on hard-to-beat pokémon with recovery moves. Venusaur is an interesting idea. It would be good on Blissey if it wouldn't learn Minimize by itself.

TM33 - Ice punch - type: Ice - power: 75 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Has a 10% chance of freezing. This is best used on: a)pokémon with high Special attack that can't learn Ice beam b)an Electabuzz to counter Grounds.

TM34 - Swagger - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: 89.6% - PP: 10
Confuses the enemy but doubles their Attack. CAUTION! ONLY FOR POKÉMON WITH HIGH DEFENSE, HAZE OR WHIRLWIND/ROAR, AND ONLY TO BE USED ON POKÉMON WITH LOW ATTACK, AS THE CONFUSION WEARS OFF BUT NOT THE ATTACK BOOST! Well, Skarmory is very good with Swagger, it has no physical weakness and high defense and can Whirlwind them away when the confusion wears off. Pokémon with Swagger, Whirlwind/Roar and Psych up are also good. They Swagger, copy the Attack boost with Psych up and then Whirlwind/Roar them away. All I need to say.

TM35 - Sleep talk - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 15
The user randomly uses one of its other moves while asleep. Snorlax with Rest, Sleep talk, Earthquake and Body slam/Double-edge or something.

TM36 - Sludge bomb - type: Poison - power: 90 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
Has a 30% chance of poisoning the opponent. This is for Poisons. Victreebel works well with this, and so does Muk.

TM37 - Sandstorm - type: Rock - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 20
Damages both pokémon each turn except for Rock, Ground or Steel pokémon. Good to get rid of Sunny day or Rain dance, but not very good otherwise.

TM38 - Fire blast - type: Fire - power: 120 - accuracy: 84.6% - PP: 5
10% chance of burning the enemy. It's good, but too few PP. Best used on pokémon with high Special attack so they won't be out of PP while trying to wear the opponent down.

TM39 - Swift - type: Normal - power: 60 - accuracy: almost guaranteed - PP: 20
What I mean by "almost guaranteed" is that it now misses when the enemy is using Dig or Fly. It's useless now, because Haze is just better to rid Double team.

TM40 - Defense curl - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 40
Duh. Raises your Defense. This is ONLY a TM because it boosts the opening damage of Rollout. There's NO other reason.

TM41 - Thunderpunch - type: Electric - power: 75 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
This is useful on Typhlosion to counter Waters, but Thunderbolt is simply better, so use Thunderbolt where you can.

TM42 - Dream eater - type: Psychic - power: 120 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Only works when the enemy is asleep and is a draining move, meaning it steals half of the hit points the enemy loses. I love using this on my Haunter, but that's just me. It's best used on Jynx, without doubt.

TM43 - Detect - type: Fighting - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed (first time) - PP: 5
Exactly the sasme as Protect, but with less PP.

TM44 - Rest - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: guaranteed - PP: 10
User falls asleep for 3 turns and recovers all lost Hit points and status. Very good on Snorlax or other pretty defensive pokémon and good with Double team. And extremely useful with Sleep talk or Snore.

TM45 - Attract - type: Normal - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
This only works on pokémon of the opposite gender, meaning if you're up against Max genes, use it on females. That will surely annoy them. Speaking of annoyance, writing this list is very annoying. And even more annoyance - if you have a confusing attack, a paralyzing attack, Attract, and a flinching attack, the enemy will hardly have any chance of hitting you! If you're holding Leftovers, you're dancing...

TM46 - Thief - type: Dark - power: 40 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 10
This attack steals items from enemy pokémon. Not very useful unless you want to get the enemy's Mint berry after you've used yours - or to get a Thick club for your Marowak.

TM47 - Steel wing - type: Steel - power: 70 - accuracy: 89.6% - PP: 25
10% chance of raising your Defense. This is, basically, a little stronger, Steel version of Wing attack. Flying pokémon like Dodrio can use this to beat Rock-types, but interestingly enough, there are only two pokémon that get STAB for it - Skarmory and Scizor.

TM48 - Fire punch - type: Fire - power: 75 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
This is good on Alakazam to get rid of Scizors and such, but once again, Flamethrower is better for those who can learn it.

TM49 - Fury cutter - type: Bug - power: 10 - accuracy: 94.6% - PP: 20
The power doubles with each use. It's a shame this is the only Bug attack that's a TM... only Heracross can learn Megahorn and Leech life is just weak... well, it takes too long to set up. Better be Bug Hidden power. But it can come in handy on Scizor, anyway. The power won't go higher than 160.

TM50 - Nightmare - type: Ghost - power: none - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
FINALLY! The last TM! It makes a sleeping enemy lose 1/4 of its Hit points every turn. Might work on Jynx, but there's actually nothing else it works well with. Oh, my Gold version Butterfree uses it very well. But I don't know if you like it.

HM01 - Cut - type: Normal - power: 50 - accuracy: 94.6% - PP: 30
Cuts bushes when out of battle. Don't use it. A 50 power move should at least have 99.6% accuracy, but nooo, they couldn't even make it accurate! Put this on a lousy pokémon you won't use or on a pokémon that won't learn what you want it to have until later when you've found the Move deleter.

HM02 - Fly - type: Flying - power: 70 - accuracy: 94.6% - PP: 15
User flies up on first turn and attacks on second. Out of battle, you can use this to return to any city you've visited. This is useful when you want to recover with Leftovers without having to use Protect or something. Otherwise, you're better off with Drill peck, or, if you can't learn it, Wing attack.

HM03 - Surf - type: Water - power: 95 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Swim in water when out of battle. This is the only good HM, but it really is good. Every Water type should know this.

HM04 - Strength - type: Normal - power: 80 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
Moves rocks out of battle. This is a very normal attack, pretty powerful, but Return is still better.

HM05 - Flash - type: Electric - power: none - accuracy: 69.6% - PP: 20
This lowers the enemy's accuracy and when out of battle, it lights up dark caves. It would be good if it only were a little more accurate. I no longer use it. I know the whole way through the dark part of Mount Silver and I never go into Dark cave or Mount Mortar.

HM06 - Whirlpool - type: Water - power: 15 - accuracy: 69.6% - PP: 15
Traps the enemy for 2-5 turns and deals 1/8 of maximum HP damage each turn in battle, but destroys whirlpools out of battle. Poliwrath can use this with Mind reader and Fissure, and Lapras and Politoed can use it with Perish song, but it has no other use.

HM07 - Waterfall - type: Water - power: 80 - accuracy: 99.6% - PP: 15
It does nothing special in battle, but can be used to climb waterfalls out of battle. A decent move, but it should only be used for the out-of-battle effect, as all pokémon that can learn Waterfall can also learn Surf.


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