This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.

The TRUTH of Red and Blue

-Tips and tricks-

The TRUTH about duplicating

When doing the Missingno. duplicate items trick, the number of the item you duplicated is 129 EXACTLY. It's not 99, not 100, not 120, it's 129.

The TRUTH about S.S Anne

This is a very popular code on the internet - the one that says if you Surf where S.S Anne is, you can get on an island with a truck and if you push the truck with Strength, Mew is under it. This code was absoulutely EVERYWHERE, but it's fake. Yes, the truck is there, but there's no way to push it with Strength. But Mew actually is in the game. Go to the "tips and tricks" section to find out.

The TRUTH about the Moon stones

There are FIVE Moon stones in Red, Blue and Yellow. Five, not three. Two of them are invisible. Have fun finding them!

The TRUTH about Pikablu

Pikablu doesn't exist. No, not in G/S/C either. There's no Pikablu, only Marill in G/S/C and it's a pure Water type, not Water/Electric type, and it's about as related to Pikachu as Sandshrew. So there.

The TRUTH about Mew

No, Mew is NOT what you get when you complete your Pokédex in Green. Not in the Japanese Red/Blue/Yellow either. You get a diploma, just like in the English version. Why is this lie still around?

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