What Pokémon Are You?

This is the old What Pokémon Are You? quiz. It still works just fine, but if you want to take the new and improved one, it's here.

This is pretty simple. You can be one of eighteen Pokémon. Read each question carefully, pick the answer closest to how you would really react, and press the submit button to get your result.

Question 1

Your friend, an attractive Pokémon of your species, confesses his/her love for you suddenly and wants to date you. What is your answer?

  • Die.
  • Really? Of course... you're a nice person.
  • I've always liked you too.
  • Sorry, it won't last and our friendship will be ruined after we break up.
  • Are you sure we're ready to upgrade our relationship?
  • Yes! Whee! I have a boyfriend/girlfriend!
  • Ooh, romantic lovey-dovey scene! I'm in!
  • WHAT??
  • Huh?
Question 2

A trainer approaches! What do you do?

  • Chop him to pieces.
  • Maybe the trainer needs me. I'll try to make friends.
  • Ah, he/she'll probably not be that bad, even if he/she manages to catch me.
  • Bah. It's probably somebody abusive who will make the rest of my life hell.
  • Hmm. Better make up a good strategy to battle him/her.
  • Ahh! What to do, what to do, what to do...
  • Hide, sneak up on him/her and say BOO!
  • Grr. Stupid trainers always in my way.
  • Stand there and blink.
Question 3

Okay, you were caught, and a new Pokémon has joined your team. What do you think of that?

  • Newbies should die.
  • Maybe I'll make a new friend.
  • The more, the merrier. Can't be that bad.
  • They'll probably be picking on me the whole time.
  • Wonder how that guy'll fit into the team's strategy.
  • Hi! What's your favorite color? Who's your... hey, where did you go?
  • *evil glint* I'll handle giving them a warm welcome...
  • They'd better not bother me.
  • Yawn.
Question 4

It turns out the new Pokémon is weaker than you. What do you say about that?

  • The easier to beat up.
  • I can help them if somebody bothers them, then.
  • Good, that means he/she won't be trying to take over or anything.
  • I bet whoever compared us was biased in my favor. No, wait, nobody likes me.
  • Interesting. Will that change my status within the group?
  • Whee!
  • From now on, you shall bow to me every time I walk past. Or else.
  • Hopefully that means they'll leave me alone, then.
  • Um, yay?
Question 5

No, wait, the newbie's stronger than you.

  • Won't be for very long. *evil glint*
  • Neat! Say, how have you been training?
  • Meh, they probably won't be a bother either way.
  • Just great... some dumb show-off...
  • Does that mean I will battle less, or will we perhaps battle together?
  • Oh. Er... want a cookie?
  • Whatever, I'll just pretend I'm the strongest Pokémon in existence and laugh at their fear.
  • Grr! What a day!
  • ...Do I even care?
Question 6

The new Pokémon asks to be your friend. What's your answer?

  • No. *kills*
  • Yeah, sure.
  • Great; that means they're ready to admit my leadership.
  • ...They'll probably get all bossy and be mean to me.
  • Give me some time to consider it.
  • Yay! Friends!
  • By my definition, 'friend' means 'punchbag', so great. *grins*
  • How about no? Leave me alone.
  • If you want.
Question 7

You are battling a Pokémon you have a type weakness against. What is going through your mind?

  • DIE!
  • I'll have to be careful, then.
  • Meh, I'll beat them anyway.
  • Oh no... just my luck...
  • Hmm, this requires some strategy.
  • Oh! Er... I'll just use my strongest attack! Oops, that didn't do anything... ehehe...
  • Fear me, foolish mortal!
  • What the heck is my trainer thinking? Recall me and leave me alone.
  • Whatever.
Question 8

You are about to evolve! But what do you think of evolution?

  • If I can still beat everybody up, great!
  • I don't really mind.
  • I bet it will be nice. I'll be even more powerful.
  • I will probably not like it. And not be any stronger either.
  • The advantage of stats must, of course, be compared with the disadvantage in moves.
  • Ooh... *evolves* Er, what happened? Help!
  • No! I'm a creationist!
  • What a waste of time...
  • Huh?
Question 9

What is the meaning of life?

  • Kill or be killed.
  • Helping others.
  • Enjoying it.
  • Reproducing and dying.
  • Let me think about it.
  • Er... living? Bouncing around?
  • Forty-two.
  • That's a stupid question.
  • What would I know...
Question 10

Why are you taking this test, anyway?

  • I'm secretly going to murder the person who made it.
  • Just looking for something fun to do.
  • I was hoping I'd get my favorite Pokémon on it.
  • I was so lousy at the other quizzes that I decided to try something where there is no right answer.
  • I'm testing the coding to see if I find a flaw. And I want to see if the result fits me.
  • It's three o'clock in the morning and I randomly decided to go and take a long personality test.
  • To pick all the funny answers and see what I get.
  • I seriously don't know. There is never a proper answer in this stupid test.
  • No idea.

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