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12/31/18: Happy new year!

Happy 2019 to all of you! I'm sorry for how quiet the site has been; I haven't been able to do as much work on it lately as I'd have liked. But my revamped tenth movie review really is nearly done and should be coming in the next few days, and I'm also going to be posting a review/ramble about Let's Go soon-ish. Here's to more content in the coming year!

Keeping the New Year's Thanks relatively brief this year:

  • To all of my friends, for all the good times, laughs, conversations and emotional support this year. I love you all more than you know.
  • To Shadey, for five years of marriage and twelve years of sharing our lives together. I'm so happy about every one of those years and I'm so proud of you for all the badass math you do and you're very cuddliest husband, no one can compare.
  • To my parents, for their unending support, being generally good people, and all the many long talks. Mom, I'm incredibly proud of you and can only admire your strength and persistence in the face of the level of crap you've had to endure this year. I love and support you, always.
  • To everyone who followed The Quest for the Legends to its end this summer. Special thanks to those of you who'd been following it for more than a decade - you don't know how much it means to me that you stuck with this silly story that you grew up with along with me. Also particular thanks to those people who took part in making the e-card for me; I was incredibly touched by your words and images and efforts, and I'll always treasure it.
  • To the loyal visitors of this website, still hanging on in this age of the death of the fansite. I'm not going anywhere regardless of the size of my audience, but it's always a bonus to not be shouting into the void.
  • To Team Spaceworld, who analyzed the 1997 Pokémon Gold and Silver demo, providing the fandom with an absolute treasure trove of lost tidbits and bizarre abandoned Pokémon designs, and the anonymous person who provided them with the ROM to do it.
  • To Birta, who is the loveliest cat.

Thank you all for 2018, and see you again soon!

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Commenting on: 12-31-18

Happy new year! May you have a relaxing and productive 2019.

[01/01/2019 16:30:58]

Commenting on: 12-31-18

Those dedications were so sweet and touching. :') Happy New Year TCoD!

[01/01/2019 00:34:02]

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