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12/28/06: 900,000 front page hits!

Yup, it's 900,000 already, three months after 800,000! Whoo! Thanks, all. :3 When I wrote on New Year's Day that I was hoping for one million front page hits in 2006, I never really thought I'd get this close.

Anyway, so there is a new theory on Pokémon genetics by Apocalypse Raichu up (although I am still waiting for a corrected version of one part), and the Old Updates have been reorganized into pages by year. And the hit counter script will now log all hit milestones of multiples of 10,000 into a file with their date and time, although you won't see that. Then there have been a couple of corrections.

UPDATE EDIT: I finally removed the old dead topsites from my menu, and randomly joined a couple of new ones, as well as updating the topsites and affiliates sections for the first time in... a while.

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