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12/24/09: Merry Christmas, Buy Stuff

Merry Christmas, and on this oh-so-materialistic holiday I have given in to temptation and decided earning some money off this website might not be so bad after all.

I haven't quite sold my soul entirely yet - I still hate web ads - but I figured a couple of Play-Asia affiliate links allowing you to buy HeartGold or SoulSilver in Japanese if you feel like it while incidentally earning me a small portion of the price while doing so really aren't that bad. Right?

It's sort of experimental at the moment, and there's a Site Poll about it. If everybody hates it I will stop it; it's just one of those things that struck me as a potentially not too bad idea at two in the morning. And I am probably being very annoyingly apologetic about this.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-24-09

Oh, but I'm not telling you to buy stuff. I'm telling you that if it happens you want to buy this particular stuff, you can support me by doing it through this particular link. I don't expect or want people to buy anything to support me that they wouldn't have bought anyway.

[25/12/2009 21:19:56]

Commenting on: 12-24-09

I love when websites tell me to buy things. It really makes me want to buy said things and support them.

[25/12/2009 20:54:11]

Commenting on: 12-24-09

I'm not troubled in the least about it. Honestly, as long as there are no pop-ups or flashy image ads or ads that follow you or ads that give viruses I'm fine. Wow, I'm picky. I don't mind this sort of thing. Hell, get some google ads if you want. I really don't care. =D

[25/12/2009 16:43:21]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-24-09

The Articuno style problem is already fixed; you might need to do a hard refresh for it to work (shift+refresh).

[25/12/2009 12:30:58]

Commenting on: 12-24-09

I think the ads look nice! You know, for ads. They're in a good spot on most of the styles (kind of weird on spectrum).

There's no problem with people buying stuff through a link like that, since it's a Pokemon site and it's probably interesting to most visitors - and actually, now all your visitors know exactly where to buy it if they were wondering.

It's only a problem on Articuno style - the sidebar background behind the links leaves some empty space between it and the "Sibling Sites" snowflakes, and also pokes up above the Buy Stuff title, which I don't *think* is intentional since it looks silly and it wasn't like that before.

I'm on Firefox 3.0 if it makes any difference.

[25/12/2009 03:47:38]

Website: Writer's Block
Commenting on: 12-24-09

Oh, come on, they are just text, not images, they don't get in the way, and are barley noticeable. They're fine.

[25/12/2009 03:47:00]

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