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12/24/08: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, season's greetings, whichever you prefer. Have a Platinum sprite generator.

So okay, I actually ended up just slapping together something to generate only Platinum sprites. I'm really not quite sure how to implement all the older sprites into it without it taking up a lot of space for stuff most people have no use for - the D/P sprites, perhaps, but I can barely imagine being able to put all the previous sprites in there without it taking up too much room for it to be really worth it. Suggestions would be nice.

In any case, this is also nice test run of the new way of formatting the sprite generator, so if you have something to say about that, by all means say it, too.

(Also, how much do you want back sprites in the sprite generator?)

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Website: pokemonass
Commenting on: 12-24-08

can you add a trozei sprite generator?

[29/12/2008 09:51:36]

Website: LoR
Commenting on: 12-24-08

well what do you think of my website my website

[27/12/2008 22:25:30]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

Well, you could just do what you did, only more. You could make different generators for different generations and put the links together on one page. If you don't like using this much space for TCoD, then you could make a new site, like, I don't know, 'The cave of sprites' or something, and put a link to it on TCod, like you did with the cave of speculative theries (I know I spelled that wrong).

So there you have it, an 11 year old's ideas.

[27/12/2008 14:42:56]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

I'm suggesting that you should put in only the D/P sprites of the Pokemon that got new sprites for Platinum (AKA the new Sinnoh Pokedex Pokemon).

[26/12/2008 22:31:58]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

I think back sprites should have an option of being toggled on or off, as it could get a bit long.

[26/12/2008 20:56:21]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

I find it highly amusing that, while you do have all five of Rotom's Platinum forms (gtfo stupid e), you dont actually have Rotom's regular form showing up.

[26/12/2008 18:18:28]

Website: lake of rage
Commenting on: 12-24-08

please rate my website.

[26/12/2008 16:37:27]

Bug Catcher
Commenting on: 12-24-08

I was just trying out the Generate Three option when that happened. I think it was the first or second time I tried clicking the button. I'm using IE7, and this only happened once. I tried entering the same Pokemon names into the slots but they turned out fine that time.I didn't try refreshing when I saw it, though. I guess it might have been a one-time browser glitch to me, but it does seem pretty strange.

[25/12/2008 19:45:59]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-24-08

Man of Ariados: Yes, what do you mean by that? o.O The one on the left is the main frame, the one that is shown in the battle, and the ones on the right is the animation frame that is used in the animation when the Pokémon appears; this is surely the most logical way to order them.

It could be confusing you that many of the Platinum main frames look very similar to the D/P animation frames of the same Pokémon, but I assure you that the ones on the left are the ones that are actually shown in battle in Platinum.

[25/12/2008 16:16:03]

Man of Ariados
Commenting on: 12-24-08

Whoops, I meant the right.

[25/12/2008 15:40:31]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-24-08

Mumel: Currently, you can get back sprites here, but the frames are in one image.

Bug Catcher: o.O How did that happen? What browser are you using? Does it happen every time you generate? Does it happen if you refresh? It looks like a one-time browser glitch to me; the actual Javascript that generates the images couldn't possibly output that.

Man of Ariados: Huh? What do you mean, "the Pokémon's first sprite is on the left?"

Fixed the namings of Land Forme and Altered Forme.

[25/12/2008 14:15:30]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

Cool! A Platinum generator. But I was poking around for Pokemon stuff yesterday, and found out that Giratina's six-footed form is not called Another Form. It will PROBABLY be called Altered Form.

And, I really really want back sprites. ^^

[25/12/2008 12:24:51]

Man of Ariados
Commenting on: 12-24-08

This is pretty cool, but two things:

First, is it a glitch that the Pokemon's first sprite is on the left, and shouldn't it say that somewhere?

Secondly, Shaymin Land Forme just says Normal above it. I'm sure it was just a mistake.

You did a nice job anyway, though! A lot of work must've gone into this.

[25/12/2008 09:18:16]

Bug Catcher
Commenting on: 12-24-08

No, apparently not. Let's try this again:


[25/12/2008 05:09:30]

Bug Catcher
Commenting on: 12-24-08

I'm quite sure this is a bug. Let's see if I can link correctly.


[25/12/2008 05:08:29]

Commenting on: 12-24-08

I, personally, would LOVE back sprites. I find it difficult to search them out online, cause they aren't easily found in the place I go for most sprites, so to have all the sprites together in one package would be nice.

[25/12/2008 03:42:46]

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