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12/20/08: Awesome

Just wanted to pop in and say that this is pretty awesome. It's a bunch of guys trying to catch all 491 legit Pokémon within 72 hours of gameplay in the same house on newly restarted cartridges while collecting donations for charity. And some of them couldn't play Pokémon to save their lives, but that only makes it more fun.

Yes, sprite generator! I'll get to it!

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371 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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Commenting on: 12-20-08

yeah, I heard about that a couple of days ago. Pretty awesome, eh?

[23/12/2008 12:36:24]

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Commenting on: 12-20-08

Baltes looks like Jesus.

[21/12/2008 11:14:28]

Website: lakeofrage
Commenting on: 12-20-08

that is pretty awesome.It makes me want to but not actually do.Whatever they want.I have no clue who these people are but whoever is the middle in age he rocks.

[21/12/2008 02:18:20]

Commenting on: 12-20-08

How do I log in?

[20/12/2008 20:00:37]

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