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12/19/10: AAP Cleanup

Still here and absolutely not dead. I've been busy with tests, work and trying to finish the final chapter of Morphic before the end of the year, but I never forgot about this website and have in fact been planning a couple of sections (if you've been visiting this site for very long, you have probably learned to be skeptical when I tell you I'm planning new sections, but I'm going to make these, honestly).

Meanwhile, I randomly rewrote the Why Do We Like It? AAP article and took down the old "Is Pokémon Dead?" article because it was getting way old (last updated in 2006) and kind of irrelevant as Pokémon fans become less and less a closeted group of freaks and more and more a group of awesome college geeks. I also summarized the relevant content of "AAP: The Cause" in a couple of paragraphs on the AAP index and took the former page down, because it just seemed kind of silly and extraneous.

Oh, and on a slightly related note, I added a 'question' to the About the Movie Reviews page, "What's With the Hate?"

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Commenting on: 12-19-10

Not even a *little* dead?

Cannot wait for Morphic! Once it's all done I'm going to read through the whole thing, though, because it's a bit hard to follow the complex characters and plot when you wait months before getting the next chapter xD

[26/12/2010 13:40:39]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-19-10

Oh, whoops. Must have mistyped when I was adding anchors to everything (so that it would be possible to link to an individual fic's description on the page). Will fix in a moment.

[25/12/2010 15:53:06]

Commenting on: 12-19-10

Why did you take down the Legendary Revenge fic? o.o I liked having it for nostalgia.

[25/12/2010 03:41:52]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-19-10

What exactly are you referring to? Because if it's the reviews, the point of the update was sort of that I wrote a lengthy answer to that question.

[21/12/2010 23:13:45]

Website: Ganium
Commenting on: 12-19-10

Exactly- WHAT is with the hate?

[21/12/2010 22:47:40]

Commenting on: 12-19-10

Morphic is almost done? YAAAAY!

[21/12/2010 00:01:38]

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