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Apparently, unnoticed by the Internet, Dragonair and Dragonite's catch rates were changed to 27 and 9 respectively in Yellow and then changed back to the R/B value of 45 for all the subsequent games. One lordjoe sent me an error report about having been using my R/B/Y catch rate calculator and getting the wrong number of wobbles for Dragonair but no other Pokémon, and since I needed to be testing stuff in the Safari Zone anyway for the Safari Zone mechanics, I found myself a Dragonair on a Yellow ROM and discovered the catch rate was 27. The ever-awesome magical then ripped all the catch rates so we could see if any other ones had changed in Yellow, and we found it was just the two of them.

So, long story short, I've updated the R/B/Y catch rate calculator to let you select which game you're playing, which may be slight overkill when it only makes a difference for two Pokémon (only one of whom is actually found in the wild, and only in Yellow at that), but I am nothing if not ridiculously thorough.

Have I mentioned how much I love that new discoveries about games that came out more than fifteen years ago are still being made? Because I do.

As noted above, I've been doing some Safari Zone mechanics work; the bits that are already out there on the Internet seem accurate so far, but it's looking like there will have to be some original research. Meanwhile, the details of the interactive type chart interface are churning away in my head. And so is a B2/W2 Changes section, now that I've managed to get back to playing the game. For a few days after NaNo I couldn't muster any productivity whatsoever, but now I seem to be getting back into gear; I'm making pointless code revisions that will have no visible effect whatsoever and everything.

Oh, and suddenly 4,500,000 front page hits! Thanks for that. Now excuse me while I panic about how I should have had a new splash ready by this point.

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Commenting on: 12-12-12

Oh, I find them annoying too. It's a silly tradition established when I was twelve or thirteen and everybody was doing it, and I've since made an effort to make it unobtrusive by making it just redirect to the front page if you have a style cookie - I never even see it unless I specifically click it on the menu.

What with how by now I no longer have easy access to a scanner and only have a piece-of-junk tiny laptop mouse to use with my daily-use computer, though, it's become harder to even keep the tradition up properly, so at this point I really might as well put it away. Maybe I can later resurrect the tradition in some form that doesn't involve forcing people to go through hoops before entering the site for the first time.

[16/12/2012 14:08:09]

Commenting on: 12-12-12

> Oh, and suddenly 4,500,000 front page hits! Thanks for that. Now excuse me while I panic about how I should have had a new splash ready by this point.

Might i humbly suggest that you retire the splash page? Personally i find splash pages in general to be annoying, and i'm sorry to say that TCoD's is no exception. They're also bad for usability, if you believe people like Jakob Nielsen.

[16/12/2012 08:28:15]

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