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12/11/03: The Type Chart has us all...

Well, as usually, a large-ish update after a long wait. Well... first off, I changed some of the affiliates' link buttons and fixed the link to PokéPC in the links. Unfortunately, chapter 31 of The Quest for the Legends is not complete yet, but as good news for my readers, you can read The Type Chart while you wait, it's my new fanfic (don't worry, TQFTL is far from abandoned) which is a Pokémon/The Matrix crossover. I made a site rating service, read for details, and in my last update I forgot to mention the FAQ. As you may have noticed, I updated the splash, and as usual, there's a new almighty random poll.

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281 Fun fact: The above sprite has a 1/8192 chance of being shiny. Feel free to brag if you get one.


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