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12/10/06: Aaaand it's up...

This is primarily a Quest for the Legends minipage update. Firstly and most importantly, I've now put up the entirety of the edited version of Scyther's Story, my NaNo, in a new spin-offs section. Secondly, there is now a printable version of all the chapters, extras and spin-off parts, accessed by clicking a link in the top right corner of the normal view of a chapter. Thirdly, I made a new humourous section on the minipage entitled What If... which contains my take on what things would be like if The Quest for the Legends were actually a published work of fiction with a fanbase of its own. Oh, and fourthly, there is a couple of new pics of redesigned fake Pokémon (Fangcat and Tancat) in the Fic Art section, plus an old sketch of Letaligon.

I'm having tests, which is why I haven't been updating (aside, of course, from what I was working on on the minipage). My last test is on Friday, so after that I should have plenty of time. Unfortunately I still haven't found the motivation to read all the e-mails in my inbox and put up the plethora of fan stuff I've been sent.

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