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12/05/08: Lack of updates

Yes, sprite generator. I know.

I'm having exams right now, but the last one is on Tuesday. I'm also trying to write chapter forty-six of The Quest for the Legends, which has been taking up a lot of my time. Along with general lack of motivation. I'm in an annoying mood these days, where the moment I start thinking "Okay, I need to do something about the sprite generator now," my mind immediately goes blank and then into let's-think-about-this-later-mode.

Yesterday, however, I actually updated The Cave of Speculative Theories. Fancy that.

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Commenting on: 12-05-08

Quaete, it just needs Platinum sprites, that's all.

[06/12/2008 14:46:03]

Commenting on: 12-05-08

What is wrong with the sprite generator?

[06/12/2008 04:12:11]

Commenting on: 12-05-08

SWEET. I cannot wait for Platinum. :3 So. An update is always good. ^^

[06/12/2008 01:06:32]

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