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12/04/07: Spriting guide tweaks

Two tests done out of four. Japanese was the first test, and that went great. Then I had Icelandic today, and that wasn't so bad either. Next it's physics, with all of its ridiculous emphasis on cramming the perfectly obvious into our heads while skimming over the more difficult parts, and then sociology on Friday. And then it's done. Fear not; the updates are coming!

At least, aside from posting the second part of my NaNo on the Quest for the Legends minipage, I randomly looked at the spriting guide and realized that some of those example images really needed to be magnified if anybody was to see what was going on in them, so I did that. And I tweaked some wording and stuff in the actual guide, too, to clarify things better and update some references to official sprites being 64x64 to clarify that that refers to the Advance sprites and the D/P ones are 80x80. There is a certain part I really want to add to the guide, and I may do that later. We'll see.

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