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12/01/04: Zodiac fix

As some attentive visitors may have noticed, the site started displaying an error message at around midnight GMT. Then, soon after 1 AM (GMT), it came back, the Zodiac claiming it as the day of Xatu, which is actually November the first.

What really happened is that there was a small error in the coding of the Zodiac, causing all of December to return an error. When this error came to my attention at slightly before 1 AM, I was about to go to bed so I decided just to manually put in the date for today until I could look into it. Unfortunately, I appear to have been half-asleep when I did that since I apparently plugged in the day of Xatu, instead of December the first, which is the Day of Starmie.

Well, at school I both realized that I had put in the wrong date, and what actually was wrong with the Zodiac, so now that I'm home, I could fix it so that now it displays the correct Zodiac day as it should. My apologies.

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