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11/29/05: Fwee! The last quiz!

Yup, the G/S/C quiz.

I also added a name feature to the quizzes, so you enter your name/screenname at the bottom to make the instructions when you pass them clearer. And then I thought "What the heck" and made it address you by name if you fail, too, for no particular reason. Whee.

Oh, yeah, and I fixed two errors in the Flying quiz. x_X

I might make more quizzes, by the way. It would be a shame to have that quiz generator for nothing.

UPDATE EDIT: I successfully added a difficulty feature to the Hangman. Easy is the old nine wrong letters, medium is seven, and hard is five. I also tweaked the scoring system so now it will give points equal to the sum of the points defined for each letter in the name divided by the number of letters and then multiplied by 100, 200 or 300 depending on what the difficulty is. Basically, if the letters in the name are very rare, you get more points; if there are many individual letters in the name (as opposed to many of the same, like in Eevee or Alakazam), you get more points; if the name is long, you get less points; and if you're playing at a higher difficulty, you get more points. The second and third basically balance each other out so the end result of them is that you get more points the less each letter you guess correctly reveals to you. If you didn't get all that math, it doesn't matter.

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