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11/26/09: I like to ramble.

I've just put up a section called About the Movie Reviews, which is exactly what it says on the tin and a strong contender for the most pointless and rambly section on this site. I just felt like going on a bit about why I decided to review the movies (because other reviews of them have an annoying tendency to be either shallow and superficial, stuck on the Pokémon concept, or a patronizing embodiment of everything that is wrong with how society views children's entertainment), why I watch the Japanese versions (the English voice actors are bad and I like subtitles), why I have those lengthy synopses (because I like them and would want to read them if I were you) and my methodology in writing them (I watch them three times!), as if anybody cares.

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Commenting on: 11-26-09

I wouldn't call it rambling at all. This was a very well-thought-out explanation of some needed and excellent reviews, which are actually my favorite part of this website at the moment. Cheers!

Back in 2007 when an ad mistakenly stated that The Rise of Darkrai was coming to theaters and then disproved, Pokebeach.com provided a link to Ebert's review of the first movie as a way of showing how DVD-only releases are, in some ways, a good thing. It was a ridiculous piece of work and committed 110% of the sins you mentioned in this piece. He spent half of the time pretending not to know the plural of "Pokemon" and purposely getting it wrong.

Thanks again for this, and awaiting the Manaphy review!

Maecenas out.

[27/11/2009 15:59:11]

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