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11/20/09: Getting Things Done

Apparently my site should go down more often, because while I've been unable to sit around refreshing my forums, guestbook and Quest for the Legends minipage all day it I've had a bout of sudden productivity. First, I finished going through all the affiliation requests, resulting in a grand total of one new affiliate, though another was a very borderline case that might be added soon too. Then I also went through all my other starred e-mail, which was mostly some error corrections and in-game humour; several of both have been added. And then I went and added the HeartGold/SoulSilver sprites to the sprite compilations, named and/or numbered by National Pokédex. I do not yet have them numbered by the HG/SS Johto Pokédex order, but I've been wondering if that many people would honestly use that. Feel free to contact me if you would want those. I have, however, added the HG/SS Johto Pokédex order as an option to the Pokémon List Generator.

Oh, and I slapped together a HG/SS sprite generator. It's pretty much just like the Platinum one, except with HG/SS sprites. I'm thinking about trying to combine them and the D/P one somehow, but it could be messy.

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