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11/17/04: JavaScript

This site doesn't use very much JavaScript in comparison to a lot of other websites, but the two main JavaScript-based pages, the Hangman and the Link to Me, were previously working only in Internet Explorer. Well, I spent today making both of them work in other browsers. The Link to Me javascript is working in IE, Opera and Firefox, but not in Netscape (I'm looking into that), and the Hangman was working fine when I was testing it in Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox, but then it suddenly stopped working in IE and Firefox (without me actually changing anything). I've spent hours combing the code for anything that could be causing the error (it just tells me that an "object is expected" in line 26, char 1, which is the <body> tag), but found nothing. Any help from a JavaScript expert would be greatly appreciated, since I'm not one. x_x

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