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11/14/11: Graphs

So yes, I did go and add a couple of charts to the R/B/Y capture algorithm page, basically showing how the effectiveness rate of each type of Pokéball changes as you lower a Pokémon's HP, as that's the most interesting thing to make charts of. There is one in the real-world examples section for low catch rates (Mewtwo) and one in the section for high catch rates (Nidoran).

UPDATE EDIT: I made the lines on the graphs correspond to the colors of their respective balls. Because I shouldn't be working right now or anything.

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Not all my sprites require asking for permission, not that Ultimate Haxorus is actually using any of my sprites as far as I can see.

[23/11/2011 22:58:35]

Ultimate Haxorus
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Hi Cave of Dragonfly dude please go to my website. I'm a big fan and I love your Quest for legends with Mark & the legendary unicorns and dragons. I'm using some of your sprites on my website but I gave you credit.

[23/11/2011 11:38:32]

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