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11/14/08: Morphic chapter nine

My past two weeks have kind of sucked, in that I've been absolutely incapable of doing anything useful; I kind of went into hormonal overdrive and could not stop clinging to my boyfriend like iron filings to a magnet (it was our two-year anniversary on the eighth, but this was a bit excessive even for that). It didn't help that I became very obsessed with the Canadian TV show ReGenesis, which we have been marathoning, and at the same time I was getting the last few Pokémon I needed to complete my Pokédex on Diamond. That's not to say I wasn't having quite a lot of fun with that, but I got absolutely nothing done of anything I ought to have been doing, such as that sprite generator, going over more affiliation requests, or even trying to write those 50,000 words of my fanfics.

Then yesterday evening, as we finished the last episode of ReGenesis, I was finally back to normal and could go home and do stuff. So today I've been writing, and I finished chapter nine of Morphic. Hopefully I can get to site work now.

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Commenting on: 11-14-08

Whoo-hoo! Morphic's updated! That makes me happy. ^.^

[16/11/2008 13:31:33]

Luxray Village HQ
Commenting on: 11-14-08

Yes, the most important thing to me is most definitly hte Sprite Genereator. I have caught the bug, and it's bad. The Spriting Bug, that is! IM CRAZY FOR SPRITING! BE CAREFUL, THERE"S A MANIAC ON THE LOOSE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!


[15/11/2008 22:53:47]

Commenting on: 11-14-08

And a crossword? Please. I miss the crosswords :(

[15/11/2008 21:59:11]

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