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11/14/04: W00tness of doom!

The walkthrough is FINISHED! I just need to do a bit of proofreading, and then I can go and actually enjoy FireRed. Yay.

My final battle ended in the coolest way imaginable: All Pokémon fainted except Wildfire (my Charizard) and his Blastoise, I used Blast Burn, BOOM. I'm dead serious, it did end like that. Nightmare (my Scyther) wore Blastoise down a bit while it was asleep after Zala (my Butterfree)'s Sleep Powder. Basically, after Blastoise came out, it went like this:

I sent out Zala
He used Hydro Pump, bringing Zala to 7HP
Zala used Sleep Powder
A Future Sight from his Alakazam hit Zala and she fainted
I sent out Nightmare
She used Wing Attack until Blastoise was at around 1/4 health
Blastoise woke up and used Hydro Pump, fainting Nightmare
I sent out Wildfire
He used Blast Burn
Blastoise fainted.

Heh, that was a great battle.

UPDATE EDIT: I've finished the proofreading, so the walkthrough is up! Now, appreciate it. :P The walkthrough I've spent a month and a half on, sacrificing almost all of the fun I could've had playing my FireRed

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