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11/13/17: New Picker

The Favorite Pokémon Picker has been replaced with a brand-new version... which looks practically identical at a glance, don't worry. Mostly, the code has been almost entirely restructured and organized, because the old one was starting to get annoying to maintain. With the new structure, it will be a lot easier for me to, say, add more settings in the future, without worrying quite as much about potentially screwing up something else in the process.

There have been a couple of subtle modifications to the functionality of the tool. Changing the filter settings no longer prompts you to reset the picker; instead, any Pokémon that shouldn't be there anymore are simply removed from your state, and any new ones are shuffled into the current round. This lets you switch to or from forms mode, for example, without having to start over from the beginning; the ability to reorder found favorites should carry the rest.

It is now also possible to undo/redo most anything, including resets, setting changes, and reorderings in Found Favorites, and there is a "Show debug information" link to make it easier for you to give me a dump of your state if you do bump into any bugs or errors. Of course, as usual, please do let me know if you have any issues, and I'll do my best to figure them out.

Assuming there isn't anything horribly wrong with the picker that I'll need to fix, next up is redoing my eighth movie review and then continuing with the other movies... with some US/UM updates in between, I expect.

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Commenting on: 11-13-17

I'm planning to do something in that direction. I haven't quite settled on exactly what form it will take, since there's a certain tradeoff between the complexity of the tool required and programming ability required of the end-user.

[14/12/2017 20:28:36]

Commenting on: 11-13-17

I'm a huge fan of your Pokemon Picker! I really love the way it works, and as someone who often has trouble choosing their favorites with many things, I was wondering if it would be possible to release something similar that runs on the same algorithm, but allows you to input your own choices instead of being limited to Pokemon? Just a suggestion. Thanks in advance.

[09/12/2017 22:14:34]

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