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11/08/10: BACHURU

I made a new Almighty Random Poll. It is obviously extremely important. Yes.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-08-10

Six legs are not the only defining characteristic of insects, so it's kind of ridiculous to claim having six legs automatically makes Pokémon that are obviously based on spiders into insects. They're just… leg-numerically challenged?

[27/01/2011 00:39:36]

The Pokémon Master
Website: Spinarak <3
Commenting on: 11-08-10

Oh, and they are technically not spiders. They don't have eight legs. Spinarak has six legs(making it an insect), and Bachuru has four. Get it right, Game Freak!

[26/01/2011 22:10:32]

The Pokémon Master
Website: Spinarak <3
Commenting on: 11-08-10

Bachuru is becoming the new Spinarak. In my eyes, they are both cute :3. I wonder what the next Ledyba will be… (Waits for Generation 6)

[26/01/2011 22:05:00]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

I think it's cute, but i might have strange preferences. I know that being spiky usually doesn't make a Pokémon cute (Carvanha, Fearow, Zapdos…), But this one is different. And those who don't like spiders can still find it cuter than Spinarak.

[26/01/2011 16:15:45]

See cute
Commenting on: 11-08-10

I don't think it's cute. If I liked spiders a bit more, it would be cuter.

[25/11/2010 22:49:44]

Former Arachnaphobe
Commenting on: 11-08-10

Bachuru cured me.

[10/11/2010 16:20:06]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

I approve of this very much~

[09/11/2010 14:06:00]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-08-10

Well, I don't think arachnophobes are counting either. >:(

[09/11/2010 00:41:44]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

Option #3 is invalid because it clearly isn't a spider, Game Freak, learn to bloody count.

[09/11/2010 00:35:25]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

I approve of this update.

[09/11/2010 00:10:20]

Jirachi's BFF
Commenting on: 11-08-10


Actully, Jirachi is.

[08/11/2010 23:19:47]

Mow Rotom
Commenting on: 11-08-10


(Rotom's cooler, you know. just saying.)

[08/11/2010 22:49:33]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

I have a slight feeling this one will get more "You suck"s than ever before. Just saying.

[08/11/2010 21:50:08]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

CUTEST SPIDER EVER! i'm going to get onw of those and smash all the other good-looking spider wannabes.

[08/11/2010 17:26:57]

Commenting on: 11-08-10

I get to be the second voter! Yay.

So much love for the little spider~

(you realize that post title looks incredibly weird in Articuno Snowflake, right?)

[08/11/2010 15:00:40]

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