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11/05/04: Just a clarification...

Well, I did this when I started, so I might as well do it now too:

I will finish that stupid walkthrough up to the Elite Four and no further, and after that I'm NEVER writing a walkthrough again. Ever.

Just to tell you all, don't write a walkthrough. It takes all the fun out of the game if you HAVE to play it in front of your computer, HAVE to write down your every movement and HAVE to make sure you don't skip anything or do anything in the wrong order. It's a nightmare. I often want to play FireRed in peace, but I can't because the bloody walkthrough is limiting me.

I've openly announced that I'm going to write this walkthrough. Once I announce something somewhere, I never decide to break my promise, however torturing it is to keep it. But I'm never doing this again. You can take my word. And I advise you not to do it either.

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