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11/03/04: New free layout

There's a new free layout up, this time a fixed-width table layout (as explained, it is meant only as an image-based layout since the DIV layout is better in all other aspects).

For some personal news, we had Life Skills at school today, and we were sitting and answering various questions with our own opinion. The first was "Who do you think is the most important person who has ever lived?" First I was going to answer one of the obvious ones, like Gandhi or something, but my classmates weren't taking it all too seriously and when it came to me, I ended up turning towards the rest of the class and saying very loudly and clearly, "Satoshi Tajiri". Of course I got a lot of "Huh?" and "Who's that?" and I almost shouted, "The guy who invented Pokémon." I didn't say anything else in relation to Pokémon, but at least the whole class had a nice laugh.

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