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Anybody with Admin below their name is definitely me or a trusted person. I myself will always sign as Butterfree. If somebody signs under that name but does not have the Admin label, it is most likely an impostor.

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Ross Epling
Website: BetaNights - Enter The Chaos
Commenting on: 11-02-13

Wow, eleven years… I don't know how long I've been checking out this channel, but I still love this place. Thanks for the awesome years here, sir~! :D

PS) I have a Scyther named Razor and a Scizor named Nightmare in my X Version right now. ^^"

[18/11/2013 23:16:28]

Commenting on: 11-02-13

If I had been online at the right time, I would have written a poem like I did last year. Oh well.

[05/11/2013 18:57:04]

Commenting on: 11-02-13

Not the zodiac! My favorite feature! >:( …Just kidding, I know that's not a top priority

[05/11/2013 04:15:02]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-13

Ack, managed to type stuff into the wrong line. Thanks for noticing so soon!

[05/11/2013 01:20:49]

Commenting on: 11-02-13

Happy birthday! By the way Gligar is listed as Kalos Central 40 instead of Dunsparce in the list generator.

[04/11/2013 17:29:28]

Commenting on: 11-02-13

Huh…your site has the same birthday as me! That's ridiculously cool for some reason…and I don't know how I kept missing this fact.

[03/11/2013 20:55:55]

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