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11/02/11: Nine Years and Counting

You are now just one year
from a ten-year career.
Happy birthday, dear website!
You'll make it; don't fear.

Or, to put it in terms that don't include stilted poetry, The Cave of Dragonflies is nine years old today. Today was also, by a beautiful coincidence, the day I finally got my laptop back. So here's the new fake Pokémon guide, finally. It is about five gazillion times more helpful than the old one, largely because it is now actually centered around giving advice instead of making a couple of tips and then padding itself out with stat and move tables for eleven silly fakes. Despite this, I know that there will probably be people who will insist that they want to read the old one, so yes, fine, it's still around.

In addition to this, as I had mentioned, I rewrote the Kinds of Content section. The biggest change is that there are now six types of content rather than five; I decided (after my little ramble about reviews in Sections that Suck) that actually entertaining content deserves to be considered a content type of its own instead of lumping it in with interesting content. It is also just more detailed, goes more thoroughly into the pros and cons of each content type (including being less dismissive of journalistic content and less worshipping the ground interesting content walks on) and sounds less like an advertisement.

Hope that constitutes an adequate birthday update. Now to get to some of the other stuff I've been meaning to do for ages.

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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-11

Thanks! :3 (And congratulations on Rebirth's tenth, while I'm at it - I don't think I'd said so yet.)

[16/11/2011 19:51:23]

Gemma Bright
Website: Niftihalo Studios
Commenting on: 11-02-11

Congratulations on your site making it 9 years! Pokemon fan sites are a bit of a rare breed these days, so its awesome to see The Cave of Dragonflies still running. :D

[16/11/2011 15:59:04]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

Happy belated birthday, site! I promise to visit you more often instead of just putter about on the forums. :D

[09/11/2011 01:50:35]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-11

Just a note: it was the site's birthday, not mine. Mine's in February.

[08/11/2011 03:38:57]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

oh mah gawd…apparently i can't read comments correctly… I thought you said it would be funny if thee wa a pokemon that evolved by happiness that started off hating you.


[08/11/2011 02:47:38]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

im so happy your back with a fixed laptop,on your birthday no less. im looking forward to the new stuffs you'll add ^_^.

also it seems there would be a pokmon tht starts hating you,and evolves by happiness,but oh well happy birthday lol

[08/11/2011 02:42:47]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-11

That and Game Freak thought it would be really hilarious if they made a Pokémon that evolves by happiness… and made it start out hating you.

[06/11/2011 12:25:38]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

Happy: The Buneary thing actually makes sense, since it's one of the few Pokemon that learns Frustration through level-up. So if it started with high happiness, that would make the move kind of useless.

[06/11/2011 12:12:52]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 11-02-11

Happy: I actually also think of Eevee as a rabbit if I am to think of it as any one animal at all. But I recognize that it clearly isn't just a stylized rabbit, which was my main point there.

Ivee: :D You're still around! Awesome. I thought of your stuff quite a bit while making the guide, but I thought you'd disappeared because I haven't seen you on forums, etc. in so long.

Thanks, guys. <3

[04/11/2011 21:31:40]

Website: iveechan.com
Commenting on: 11-02-11

It's funny, your guide is basically how I go along with making up Pokemon for the past few years.

Also, congrats on the site birthday! Nine years is a pretty long time for a fan site, kudos.

[04/11/2011 20:42:36]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

OMG I completely forgot the site's birthday. Happy birthday, site.

*Plays Rain by the Beatles for site*

[03/11/2011 18:24:19]

Spunky raichu
Commenting on: 11-02-11

Happy birthday, site!

*Confetti shoots out of floor*

[03/11/2011 18:11:48]

Commenting on: 11-02-11

I feel kinda stalker that I'm the only commenter (as of now) on the last two updates! Le shrug!

Just read through both updated pages, and heck if that wasn't a great way to waste an hour ;D I really admire your ability to explain everything so objectively. Things like the common flaws in each kind of content - even the fact you split them into types in the first place! - just feel like this onslaught of NEWFOUND KNOWLEDGE, whereas if I wrote it I'd be like "w..websites do a lot of the same stuff, but different." "actually no sometimes they just do it the same."

RE the fakemon guide: adored the Eevee segment (I had a moment of IS POSTING THESE IMAGES LEGAL?! and then kind of went oh wait), you're not going to stop me from thinking it's a rabbit, whateva whateva I do what I want. And then I practically cried at the base happiness part. BUNEARY.. I NEVER KNEW..

Okay absurdly long post over. TCoD has been one of my favourite sites for at least half a decade now (I just checked.. how time flies), and I don't think that'll change for a while! Happy burfday, you silly website!

[03/11/2011 11:12:54]

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