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The Day of Weavile in the Reign of Darkrai, Season of Will: *throws Butterfree-shaped confetti*

Dear website of mine,
you've been five years online.
Happy birthday, Cave of Dragonflies;
let's hope the visitors won't whine.

Why would they whine? Because I have now put up the new Zodiac in celebration of the site's fifth birthday.

The original Zodiac was created because I realized that there were exactly 365 non-legendary Pokémon and somebody had to do something with it. Essentially, the whole point of the Zodiac was gone when the fourth generation came out. It took a lot of complications to figure out a way to implement all the Pokémon into the Zodiac in one way or another (see the Zodiac page for details), but eventually I managed. However, now we have the Festival days, which make nearly a third of the days in the year a little less special than the others. I am truly sorry about this, but it couldn't be done any other way without starting to hand-pick Pokémon on a whim to be included or not included, and I had already resolved not to do any such thing.

If you preferred your old birthday Pokémon, you are welcome to keep using the old Zodiac. But now you also have a chance to get a new Pokémon if you didn't like your old one. If any Pokémon at all has the same date now as before, it is purely a coincidence, as I did not in any way use the old Zodiac for reference here.

And no, you can not make me change it so that your birthday gets a better Pokémon. I got Lunatone in the Reign of Cresselia; personally, I much preferred my old Anorith in the Reign of Regice, but in principle I do not place the Zodiac Pokémon according to anyone's birthday.

At least I think that if The Cave of Dragonflies could talk, it would be happier with the current Weavile in the Reign of Darkrai than with the old Smoochum in the Reign of Latias.

Happy fifth birthday to the site. Incidentally, I'm doing NaNoWriMo again, so don't panic if it's quiet in November. If you want to see the first chapter of my NaNo, see the Quest Blog.

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