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11/02/06: Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you,
It's been two years times two!
Happy birthday, dear website,
for giving me something to do!

Yeah, it's The Cave of Dragonflies' fourth birthday today (so I won't be late with this update, I'm uploading it on midnight as the second is starting over here, so don't be surprised if it's still the first where you live).

Okay, what I've done... first, and most noteworthily, is the release of Spectrum style, the first new style in... quite a while. It stars 30 different Pokémon from 29 different evolution lines in various places throughout the site, and I personally like it a lot. :) It was, um... sliiiiightly inspired by Smogon. <.< I couldn't help it, it just looked too good not to be imitated.

I have also updated the Pokémon List Generator to reflect the fact that Manafi's official English name has been confirmed to be Manaphy. I added one more question to the FAQ, and made the Sprite Generator have the buttons above the area where the Pokémon are generated. I am working on a new AAP section, but I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year (and doing much better than the last), so I didn't get around to finishing the section. Well, the main update is Spectrum style either way. (It is also up at the forums.)

But there is a new Almighty Random Poll. Also, the October crossword is being extended through November, because I've only gotten one entry. Come on, the site wants a better birthday present than that.

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